166 Vietnamese individuals were rescued from illegal gambling dens in Myanmar.

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    Nov 10, 2023

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Myanmar's Foreign Ministry reported rescuing numerous foreigners, including 166 Vietnamese nationals, from fake casinos in the northern border regions.


"At a press conference, the spokesperson for the ministry, Pham Thu Hang, announced that out of the individuals rescued from the incident, 166 Vietnamese citizens have been successfully identified and relocated to a secure location in the northern region adjacent to China."

The ongoing conflicts in several regions of Myanmar, particularly in northern areas and Kayin state, are posing significant challenges in terms of accessing and ensuring the safety of Vietnamese citizens.

According to Hang, the Vietnamese embassy in Myanmar is actively collaborating with authorities in Vietnam, Myanmar, and China to establish effective plans for safeguarding its citizens and facilitating their prompt repatriation. Additionally, the embassy has urged the Myanmar authorities to ensure the security and well-being of Vietnamese nationals during this process.

The ministry has advised Vietnamese citizens to refrain from traveling to the regions of Shan and Kayin in Myanmar. Furthermore, individuals currently residing in these areas are urged to arrange for evacuation to a different country or return to Vietnam. It is essential for Vietnamese nationals to stay updated with information provided by local authorities, the Consular Department of the foreign ministry, and the Vietnamese embassy.

If there is an emergency, Vietnamese citizens in Myanmar can reach out to the Vietnamese Embassy through the citizen protection hotline at +959660888998. Alternatively, they can also contact the Consular Department's hotlines at +84 981 84 84 84 or +84 965 41 11 18.

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