2 injured in HCMC serial crash as car gets stuck between trucks.

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    Nov 3, 2023

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A multi-vehicle crash on HCMC's National Highway 1 left two injured and caused road closure for several hours.


In District 12, near the Tan Thoi Hiep overpass, a tow truck was rear-ended by a 10-ton truck at approximately 6 a.m.

The tail of the 10-ton truck was struck successively by both a car and another container truck, resulting in the smaller vehicle becoming trapped between the two larger trucks. The collision caused significant damage to the smaller vehicle, and both the driver and a passenger sustained injuries that required hospitalization.

The crash resulted in a two-kilometer-long traffic jam that lasted for two hours. By 9 a.m., the traffic police officers successfully cleared the vehicles involved in the accident.

According to the authorities, the individuals involved reportedly sustained minor injuries.

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