3 arrested for motorbike stunt performance.

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    Nov 9, 2023

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HCMC's Thu Duc City police detained 3 men for daring motorbike stunts on the street.


According to authorities, Duong Quoc Cuong, aged 32, Hoang Anh Trung, aged 20, and Nguyen Thanh Xuan Truong, aged 23, have been accused of the offense of "disturbing public order," as reported by the police on Wednesday.

On Tran Bach Dang Street of Thu Duc City, three individuals were captured in a series of videos that were posted on social media. These videos depicted them riding a motorbike without any protective helmets.

In this captured still image from an online video, three men are seen executing a wheelie on a single motorbike in Thu Duc City.

At a certain moment, they embarked on an exhilarating maneuver where the motorbike propelled forward with its front wheel lifted off the ground. They fearlessly relinquished their grip on the handlebar or even executed a daring handstand while maintaining their balance on the moving motorbike.

Cuong possesses a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, both of which boast an impressive following of tens of thousands of subscribers and followers.

According to authorities, the dissemination of these videos and images by Cuong and his associates not only disrupts public order but also has the potential to negatively influence the impressionable youth who are followers of his online platform.

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