61 Vietnamese citizens rescued from casinos in Myanmar.

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    Oct 27, 2023

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61 Vietnamese citizens rescued from Myanmar casinos, confirmed by Vietnamese Embassy and local authorities. Spokeswoman Pham Thu Hang shared the update in a Hanoi press conference.


In recent days, the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar and the Consular Department of the ministry have been informed by Myanmar authorities about the rescue of approximately 200 foreign nationals, which includes Vietnamese citizens. These individuals were rescued from deceitful casinos located in the northern border regions of Myanmar, as reported by Hang.

She mentioned that once the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the information, they immediately directed the embassy to collaborate with local authorities in order to authenticate the situation and urge Myanmar to provide suitable arrangements for Vietnamese citizens. Additionally, they emphasized the need for a prompt investigation to establish the background of these individuals.

The ministry has requested that the embassy and other relevant units promptly collaborate with both domestic and Myanmar authorities to initiate essential consular procedures. They are also tasked with crafting a comprehensive plan to safeguard and aid in repatriating Vietnamese citizens once the Myanmar authorities have arrived at a definitive resolution regarding the incident.

If Vietnamese citizens have any information regarding family members who have been rescued in Myanmar, they can reach out to the Consular Department's citizen protection hotline at +84 981 84 84 84 or +84 965 41 11 18. Alternatively, they can contact the citizen protection hotline of the Vietnamese Embassy in Myanmar at +95 9660888998.

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