Brit Uni Vietnam celebrates 11th graduation ceremony!

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    Oct 27, 2023

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Over 500 students from BUV's 11th cohort recently graduated, concluding their three-year academic journey and embarking on new opportunities.


Significant Achievement A "meaningful milestone" refers to a noteworthy accomplishment or event that holds great significance. It represents a significant achievement in one's journey, often serving as a benchmark or turning point. Rewritten: Significant Achievement The term "meaningful milestone" denotes a remarkable feat or occurrence that carries immense importance. It symbolizes a substantial accomplishment in an individual's path, commonly acting as a pivotal moment or breakthrough.

The university's campus in Ecopark hosted a two-day graduation ceremony for students hailing from diverse majors such as International Business Management, Finance, Computer Games Design and Programming, Computer Science, and many others.

Representatives from partner universities, business professionals, and distinguished experts in the field graced BUV's graduation ceremony. Photo credit: BUV.

With the captivating theme of "Soar to New Heights," the ceremony aimed to uplift and motivate the graduating class by emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning. Encouraging the students to embrace a mindset of constant growth, the event ignited their passion to seize opportunities for personal development and contribute to society. Ultimately, the ceremony sought to inspire these young graduates to aim for remarkable accomplishments as they embark on their future endeavors.

During the ceremony, Dang Trung Anh, a recent graduate in Marketing Management, stood on behalf of her fellow graduates and conveyed heartfelt appreciation to the lecturers, parents, friends, and the entire BUV staff.

She expressed her desire to take a moment and give a special recognition to her friends at BUV. She expressed her gratitude for the countless all-nighter sessions, fueled by caffeine, to meet deadlines, the moments of anxiety during group projects, as well as the encouraging pep talks. Furthermore, she wanted to extend her sincere appreciation to the remarkable professors who played a significant role in their academic journey. She acknowledged the unwavering commitment of these lecturers towards their personal development and growth, assuring them that their efforts were deeply appreciated from the depths of their caffeine-fueled hearts.

Anh expressed her gratitude towards the British University Vietnam and its supportive staff, acknowledging their significant role in creating a truly remarkable university experience for her and her fellow schoolmates.

The graduation ceremony for the class of 2023 at BUV was attended by the newly graduated students. A photo capturing this momentous occasion is courtesy of BUV.

Embarking on the ongoing expedition

Professor Raymond Gordon, Vice-Chancellor and President of British University Vietnam, delivered an emotionally poignant speech during the ceremony. In his address, he acknowledged the immense dedication and effort put forth by the graduates, expressing BUV's immense pride in each individual's remarkable accomplishments.

He expressed unwavering faith in their capability to effectively represent their university's reputation in professional and social environments worldwide. He firmly believes that these graduates will enter the job market equipped with a unique advantage over other Vietnamese graduates - a combination of both a BUV degree and a prestigious British degree.

According to Gordon, obtaining such a degree holds immense value as it fulfills three essential requirements that employers in Vietnam are actively seeking in university graduates. These include proficiency in the English language, possession of a degree with international quality assurance, and being up-to-date with relevant skills, disposition, and mindset.

Furthermore, he highlighted that BUV stands out as one of the pioneering universities in Vietnam to achieve international accreditation from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Moreover, it has been recognized by the globally renowned organization QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) and awarded a prestigious 5-star Excellent University rating. This recognition encompasses various vital areas such as teaching quality, employability prospects, academic growth, state-of-the-art facilities, commitment to social responsibilities, and promotion of inclusivity.

In addition, the university has developed an innovative program called the Personal & Social Growth (PSG) Programme, with the intention of fostering a diverse and well-rounded younger generation in multiple areas.

Every student is encouraged to construct an individualized roadmap that aligns with PSG's four fundamental aspects. These areas encompass work and career preparation, active involvement in university and community activities, fostering social, cultural, and emotional growth, and striving for academic excellence. It is important for each student to tailor their roadmap to their own needs and aspirations within these core areas.

BUV is committed to the continuous expansion of its campus and teaching facilities to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for students. This endeavor involves a substantial investment of US$165 million, which will be implemented over three phases and completed by 2028. By prioritizing these enhancements, BUV aims to create an environment that nurtures growth and enables students to excel in their academic journey.

Professor Martin Jones, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor of Staffordshire University, had the honorable privilege of conferring degrees upon the accomplished graduates from BUV's 11th cohort. This remarkable occasion was captured in a captivating photo, graciously shared by BUV.

Furthermore, BUV provides its graduates with a robust network that facilitates connections with alumni in both the United Kingdom and Vietnam. This network plays a crucial role in supporting their future career aspirations.

Professor Martin Jones, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Staffordshire University, extended his warm congratulations to the recent graduates from BUV. As a valuable partner institution that grants degrees to BUV graduates, he expressed his admiration for their remarkable achievements.

"On behalf of Staffordshire University, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for successfully completing your Staffordshire University and British University Vietnam awards. Today marks a significant milestone as you join the esteemed community of international graduates from Staffordshire and British University Vietnam, individuals who shape their own destinies and leave a lasting impact across the globe. Your journey unfolds amidst a constantly evolving world, characterized by economic, political, and social transformations. Rest assured, there will be a multitude of challenges and opportunities awaiting you," declared the speaker.

Equipped with knowledge and skills gained from a globally recognized educational setting, the recently graduated individuals from BUV have the potential to make substantial contributions to Vietnam in the coming years. They also have the ability to become valuable members of the nation's high-quality talent pool.

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