British University Vietnam awarded QS 5 stars and QAA accreditation, displaying its excellence in education.

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    Oct 28, 2023

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BUV, a leading Vietnamese university, proudly holds both QS Stars and QAA certifications, making it a pioneer in the country.


QS Stars and the QAA are internationally renowned accreditations that hold significant recognition in ensuring quality standards for higher education worldwide.

QS Stars is an esteemed educational quality scale that holds recognition from prestigious universities worldwide. It serves as a star rating system, constituting a pivotal component within the evaluation framework of the Quacquarelli Symonds Education Quality Assurance Organization.

The evaluation of universities within the QS system is performed by considering various aspects such as teaching quality, facilities, social responsibility, research capabilities, and international diversity. This evaluation process involves the utilization of eight groups of standards, encompassing over 50 specific criteria that adhere to globally recognized benchmarks.

The U.K. Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education is the governing body that awards QAA certification to universities in the U.K. and British higher education institutions worldwide. It holds the responsibility of accrediting and ensuring the quality standards of these educational institutions.

Universities that aspire to obtain QAA accreditation are required to undergo a comprehensive International Quality Review (IQR) process, which entails an exhaustive assessment of 10 key areas aligned with the international quality assurance standards set by the United Kingdom.

BUV’s representative (C) proudly accepts the prestigious QS 5-star certification and QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) accreditation. The photograph above showcases this momentous occasion.

QAA boasts a membership of nearly 300 universities spread across the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, BUV has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the inaugural and solitary university in Southeast Asia, as well as the sole institution in Vietnam, to obtain accreditation from QAA's IQR. This places BUV amongst an exclusive group of only 22 non-UK universities to accomplish this recognition.

BUV received outstanding ratings in all ten accrediting categories and garnered recognition for its exceptional academic endeavors, with a particular emphasis on three areas of excellence: fostering substantial employer engagement and connections, providing extensive opportunities and support for students, and offering a comprehensive personal development program.

Additionally, BUV holds the distinction of being the sole university in Vietnam to attain a perfect 5-star rating across multiple categories, including teaching quality, employability prospects, academic advancements, state-of-the-art facilities, commitment to social responsibilities, and promotion of inclusivity. This remarkable achievement further solidifies BUV's position as a leader among QS-starred universities in Vietnam.

Rewriting content: Embarking on the Quest for 5-star QS Stars and QAA Recognition Embarking on a journey to achieve 5-star QS Stars and QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) recognition is no small feat. It requires dedication, strategic planning, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Our quest begins with a clear goal in mind - to attain the highest possible rating of 5 stars from the prestigious QS Stars rating system. This globally recognized accreditation showcases our commitment to providing exceptional quality across various aspects of our institution. From teaching and learning to research and facilities, every facet of our university will be rigorously evaluated against international standards. But our aspirations do not end there. We also aim to secure recognition from the QAA, an independent body responsible for assuring and enhancing the quality of higher education in the UK. This esteemed recognition will further validate our commitment to delivering an outstanding educational experience to our students. To accomplish these ambitious goals, we have developed a comprehensive roadmap that encompasses key areas of focus. Enhancing the quality of our teaching and learning practices stands as a fundamental pillar. By employing innovative pedagogical approaches and fostering a supportive learning environment, we aim to empower our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive world. Furthermore, we recognize the paramount importance of research excellence. Strengthening our research capabilities, fostering collaboration, and encouraging interdisciplinary studies will not only enhance our academic standing but also contribute to societal progress and innovation. Investing in state-of-the-art facilities and resources is another integral aspect of our journey. We understand that a conducive learning environment plays a pivotal role in facilitating effective education. By continually improving our infrastructure and equipping our campuses with cutting-edge technology, we aim to provide our students with an enriching and inspiring atmosphere. Apart from these core areas, we are committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability across our institution. Embracing cultural diversity, ensuring equal opportunities, and implementing sustainable practices are intrinsic to our mission of delivering a holistic educational experience. As we embark on this challenging yet rewarding journey, we are driven by a collective passion for excellence in education. We firmly believe that achieving 5-star QS Stars and QAA recognition will not only elevate our institution's standing but also validate the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, and students. Together, we will forge ahead, guided by our unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional educational environment that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and prepares future leaders.

BUV's dedication to serving education is commendable, as evidenced by the prestigious QS 5-star and QAA certifications it has achieved. These notable accolades recognize the outstanding efforts made by BUV in its pursuit of excellence in the field of education.

BUV is committed to enhancing the standard of education by making continuous efforts to improve teaching quality. This is achieved through various means such as investing in state-of-the-art facilities, integrating technology into training methods, and establishing the Personal & Social Growth (PSG) Programme. The PSG Programme is designed to empower students by providing opportunities to acquire valuable experience and skills across four distinct categories. These categories comprise work and career readiness, university and community engagement, social, cultural, and emotional development, and lastly, academic excellence.

BUV provides support to students who are participating in transfer programs to partner universities in over 60 countries. This is made possible through the extensive international network of both the University of London and Staffordshire University.

In addition, the university remains committed to cultivating robust relationships with more than 400 companies within its extensive partner network. The primary objective is to enhance employment opportunities for students and foster an environment conducive to their personal and professional growth.

BUV stands out among universities for its remarkable achievement of ensuring that all of its students secure employment or pursue advanced studies within a mere three months of graduation.

In pursuit of its objectives, BUV aims to finalize the campus development plan by 2028, which entails a substantial investment of up to US$165 million dedicated to enhancing our facilities. We remain committed to strategically bolstering our infrastructure to provide an optimal learning environment. Photo credit: BUV

BUV has set a goal to finalize the campus development plan by 2028, which involves a significant investment of up to US$165 million. This strategic investment in facilities highlights BUV's commitment towards enhancing the overall infrastructure and environment of the campus. The accompanying photo is provided courtesy of BUV.

In 2021, BUV was honored with the prestigious BritCham Great Higher Education award in recognition of its remarkable contributions to the field of higher education.

The recognition of BUV as a successful model of collaboration between the United Kingdom and Vietnam in the field of higher education was also acknowledged by the British Embassy in Vietnam.

For five consecutive years, BUV has been recognized by the Vietnam Economic Times for its remarkable accomplishments and valuable contributions to higher education in Vietnam, receiving esteemed accolades such as the Golden Dragon and Prestigious Strong Brand honors.

The British Business Association in Vietnam (BritCham Vietnam) has honored BUV with the prestigious "Great Higher Education" award. We are proud to share a photo of this momentous occasion.

By possessing esteemed qualifications and accolades, BUV showcases its unwavering dedication towards creating a superior higher education landscape in Vietnam. To acquire further details regarding BUV's study program, kindly access the provided link.

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