Central Vietnam streets flooded due to heavy rain.

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    Nov 14, 2023

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Heavy rains flooded streets in Da Nang, Nghe An, and Ha Tinh, causing traffic congestion and vehicle malfunctions.


As a result of a mass of cold air, heavy rainfall occurred in the northern regions of central Vietnam. In Vinh, the capital of Nghe An province, several streets including Le Hong Phong, Truong Thi, Ho Tung Mau, and Phong Dinh were completely submerged under 30-50 cm of water around 7 a.m. on Monday.

Traffic congestion occurred during rush hours due to the flooding of roads.

According to Pham Thanh Tam, he accompanied his child to school early in the morning, precisely at 6:30 a.m. The journey to the kindergarten, located 3 km away, lasted for an hour. Unfortunately, due to heavy rains and floods, several other children arrived late to school and missed their classes.

At 9 a.m., the downpour continued relentlessly, causing significant flooding along various streets, including Duy Tan Street. Recovery vehicles were deployed to assist in navigating these heavily inundated areas. Meanwhile, on Dinh Cong Trang Street, authorities took proactive measures by setting up warning signs to deter vehicles from entering the affected area. Unfortunately, a few individuals found themselves in dire situations as they had to manually push their vehicles for over a kilometer through the flooded street in search of a repair shop.

Heavy downpours flood streets in central Vietnam

On November 13, 2023, a photograph captured by VnExpress/Duc Hung depicts a flooded street in Vinh City, Nghe An.

Dozens of officers from the police forces in Vinh City were dispatched to the field with the purpose of managing traffic and capturing images of flooded streets. These images were then shared on various social media platforms to disseminate vital information about alternate routes to be avoided and recommended for use by the general public.

Due to heavy rainfall in Ha Tinh, numerous streets in Can Loc District are currently submerged by 25-30 cm of water. As a result, some schools in the area have been inundated with floodwater, prompting parents to receive notifications to pick up their children from school. Consequently, thousands of kindergarteners and primary school students were unable to attend classes during this period.

Rubble from the mountains and hills of Son Chau Commune in Huong Son District have fallen onto National Highway 1A, causing disruptions in traffic flow. To address this issue, local authorities have dispatched personnel to set up warning signs along the affected area. However, the actual cleanup process will commence after the rainfall decreases.

The heavy rainfall of 200 mm within a span of seven hours in Da Nang led to the erosion of the DT601 highway, which passes through Hoa Vang District. On Monday morning, the road was obstructed by debris and fallen trees. To address this issue, the management committee responsible for investment and construction projects in Da Nang has promptly dispatched machinery to the affected area for cleanup purposes.

Due to ongoing construction in various sections of the road, it has become necessary for authorities to install warning signs on areas affected by flooding.

The authorities of Hoa Bac Commune took necessary measures by deploying personnel to the site, ensuring that both people and vehicles were restricted from passing through the area.

Nguyen Dong captured a photograph on November 13, 2023, displaying a cautionary ribbon adorning a flooded section of the DT601 highway in Da Nang. This particular area is currently undergoing construction activities. The image serves as a reminder of the prevailing adverse conditions in the region.

The low-lying neighborhoods in Hoa Lien and Hoa Bac communes were flooded due to the influx of floodwater originating from the upstream Cu De River.

Despite the heavy rains in downtown Da Nang, there have been no reports of flooding.

On Monday, the Da Nang Department of Education and Training made the decision to grant over 290,000 kindergarteners and students the opportunity to remain at home due to the adverse weather conditions of heavy rains and floods.

Starting Sunday night, the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting reported that the northern regions of central Vietnam started experiencing the full force of a mass of cold air. Localities from Thanh Hoa to Thua Thien-Hue recorded their lowest temperatures ranging between 21-23 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, Nghe An in central Vietnam is anticipated to experience the most substantial rainfall, ranging from 30-80 mm. Following this, the rains will gradually progress towards the south. Ha Tinh can expect rainfall levels between 60-150 mm on both Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, areas spanning from Quang Binh to Phu Yen will encounter rain levels ranging between 80-250 mm.

From Tuesday to Friday, areas ranging from Quang Binh to Phu Yen will experience persistent heavy rainfall, with precipitation amounts ranging between 100 to 400 millimeters.

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