Da Nang company executives and 8 employees arrested for creating fake documents to facilitate illegal emigration.

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    Oct 22, 2023

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9 in Da Nang probed for forging documents aiding illegal migration to Canada.


Phung Ngoc Hung, a 59-year-old individual, currently holds the position of director at Star Light company. This company primarily engages in labor export and facilitates student exchanges to Canada. However, recent events have led to Mr. Hung and eight of his employees being subject to questioning regarding their alleged involvement in facilitating illegal departures from Vietnam.

In March, two individuals named Phap and Luc residing in the Son Tra District of a central city reached out to Hung seeking his assistance in traveling to Canada as family-sponsored visitors.

According to officials, Hung was aware that they did not meet the requirements for immigration to Canada through that approach. However, he directed his employee, Thuy, to produce profiles for them in order to submit visa applications.

Thuy proceeded to direct her fellow employees, My, Sy, Linh, and Nhi, to engage in the illicit act of forging documents. These included falsifying birth and marriage certificates for their personal use.

Hung further directed Thuy to organize trips for Phap and Luc, ensuring they visited Japan and various Southeast Asian nations, with the objective of enhancing the visual appeal of their passports.

Hung was given an approximate amount of VND800 million ($32,600) by the families of the two gentlemen.

Phap and Luc's plans to depart from Da Nang Airport on September 25 were unexpectedly disrupted when they encountered the police, who barred them from leaving the country due to their alleged violation of visa regulations by having intentions that differed from those stated in their visas.

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