Da Nang-Hanoi flight delayed 2+ hours due to hoax gun threat.

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    Nov 9, 2023

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Da Nang to Hanoi flight delayed 2+ hours as 2 male passengers alleged gun possession onboard.


According to the Central Airports Authority, the departure time of the flight was set for 7:25 p.m.

However, just as the plane was preparing for takeoff, a passenger turned to his companion and inquired, "Hey, where did you put the guns?" Astonishingly, his companion revealed that he had stashed them away inside his luggage.

Without wasting a moment, the captain made the decision to postpone the flight in order to verify the statements given and address any potential security concerns.

Da Nang airport security officers escorted both passengers off the plane, while all passengers and their carry-on luggage underwent a thorough security re-check.

The search operation for the aircraft, passengers, and luggage concluded at 9 p.m. on the same day. However, security agencies failed to detect any hazardous objects or prohibited explosives during the process.

Following a delay of 2.5 hours, the flight proceeded with its voyage from Da Nang to Hanoi.

According to aviation authorities, the passengers originated from Thai Binh, a province located in the northern region.

The individuals were denied permission to board the flight bound for Hanoi.

They are being contemplated for potential disciplinary action by aviation authorities.

Individuals who engage in the dissemination of rumors or knowingly supply false information regarding the presence of firearms, ammunition, explosive devices, landmines, radioactive materials, biological or chemical weaponry aboard flights may face penalties ranging from VND20 million to 40 million per person.

If the level of danger and harm caused is significant, individuals may also face legal consequences for obstructing air traffic.

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