Da Nang salon's cosmetic "surgeon" lacks proper qualifications, holding only a high school degree.

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    Oct 27, 2023

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Da Nang beauty parlor offers breast augmentation surgeries by an uncertified high school graduate, raising concerns over qualifications and safety.


Upon arrival at the ID Korea facility located on Hung Vuong Street in Thanh Khe District, customers are greeted with enticing advertisements promoting breast augmentation services provided by none other than "the finest cosmetic doctor in Da Nang."

On Tuesday, the police of Thanh Khe District arrived at a particular location for an inspection, where they discovered an individual claiming to be a "doctor" conducting a breast augmentation procedure for a client. Surprisingly, during their investigation, the supposed "doctor" confessed to the authorities that she had only completed her high school education.

The individual lacked the necessary credentials, such as a degree, certificate, or license for medical procedures, which are mandated by law. To establish credibility with clients, the establishment would obtain blood samples for alleged "testing" before each procedure. However, authorities subsequently uncovered that all these blood samples were discarded without undergoing any actual tests.

During the police check, the owner of the facility failed to provide any contracts pertaining to the collection of hazardous waste. Furthermore, the facility was lacking designated bins specifically designed for the storage of medical and hazardous waste.

ID Korea, owned by a 28-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Thanh Hoa Province in central Vietnam, has obtained a business license from the Thanh Khe District People's Committee on May 22. This license authorizes them to offer microblading services for cosmetic enhancements.

According to authorities, the establishment functions in a manner resemblant of a beauty and spa center, offering procedures like breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. However, it lacks the necessary documentation from the Da Nang Department of Health, which signifies compliance with the essential criteria for delivering such services.

On August 12th, the police of Thanh Khe District conducted an inspection at the Kangzin beauty parlor located on Hung Vuong Street. During the inspection, they discovered a janitor who was providing facial procedures to a customer. As a result, the establishment was issued a fine of VND320 million ($13,022).

According to regulations set forth by the Ministry of Health, breast augmentation procedures must be performed under the supervision of anesthetics within specific settings. These settings include hospitals, independent surgery centers, or approved beauty parlors that have separate dedicated areas for surgical procedures. Furthermore, individuals responsible for conducting these procedures are required to possess appropriate degrees and licenses that qualify them to perform such operations.

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