Driver fined for Halloween hearse with door ajar.

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    Nov 3, 2023

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HCMC police fined a man for driving an open-door hearse on Nguyen Hue Street, with people in Halloween costumes inside, on Tuesday night.


The individual, who is 38 years old, received a fine of VND700,000 (equivalent to US$28.50) due to their violation of a government decree that mandates keeping vehicle doors closed while driving.

He informed the authorities that he had been employed to operate the funeral carriage on the night of Halloween, transporting a group of eight individuals disguised as "ghosts" from District 7 to District 1.

As he arrived at the vibrant Nguyen Hue pedestrian square, a popular spot for Halloween enthusiasts to congregate, he graciously opened the door for his passengers. The revelers inside erupted in cheer as they playfully startled and amused passers-by with their festive antics.

Man fined for driving hearse with open door on Halloween night

On October 31, 2023, a peculiar sight unfolded on Nguyen Hue Street in District 1 of HCMC. A hearse glided down the road, populated by individuals donning eerie Halloween ghost costumes. This intriguing scene was captured on video, graciously shared by the local police.

In the midst of the bustling street, he halted the hearse, prompting the passengers to carefully extract a stretcher. Their intention was to simulate an urgent medical situation and seek immediate care for an individual in distress.

Many onlookers were intrigued by their impressive performance.

The police are currently deliberating whether to categorize this action as a potential breach of public order.

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