Fatal collision: Woman killed in tragic accident with steel beams while riding a bicycle.

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    Nov 8, 2023

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Woman in HCMC dies after crashing into cyclo's steel beams and falling off motorbike.


At 9 a.m., a tragic accident occurred in District 10 as a 60-year-old woman was driving her motorbike on the street. Unfortunately, she collided with steel beams mounted on a cyclo at an intersection. The impact caused her to fall off her motorbike, resulting in her untimely demise. Additionally, the front of her motorbike sustained significant damage as a result of the collision.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim's chest was struck by steel beams that had been securely wrapped in fabric on both ends and fastened to a cyclo using ropes. At the time of the incident, a man was seen towing the cyclo.

The police have summoned both the cyclo and its operator for an investigation regarding a violation. According to authorities, the cyclo was found to be transporting goods that exceeded the permissible length limit.

According to the law, it is prohibited for basic vehicles to transport bulky and exposed goods on public streets. Failure to comply with this regulation may lead to fines ranging from VND80,000-100,000 ($3.29-4.12). In more severe cases where violations cause accidents resulting in harm to individuals' well-being and safety, offenders could face imprisonment for a maximum of 10 years.

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