First Australian baby born using Vietnamese infertility treatment.

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    Nov 1, 2023

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Australian baby born through in vitro maturation (IVM), a successful infertility treatment pioneered by Vietnamese doctors.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a newborn named Bonnie Mable recently entered the world at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney, Australia. Weighing 4.1 kg, she holds an extraordinary distinction as the first baby born in the country through In Vitro Maturation (IVM) treatment. Unlike conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF), IVM involves a reduced hormone intake and shorter treatment duration, making it a more streamlined option for couples struggling with infertility.

Leanna Loutas, the mother of the girl, revealed that she and her husband Theo had encountered disappointments in their attempts at IVF procedures previously.

Before eggs are extracted from the ovary, IVF treatment necessitates the administration of hormones to women in order to stimulate egg production.

IVM, also known as in vitro maturation, involves the collection of immature eggs which are then cultured to reach maturity.

IVM offers patients the advantage of requiring minimal to no drugs for stimulating egg growth, as opposed to IVF. Additionally, the process of collecting eggs through IVM takes only about two days, in contrast to the 2-4 weeks required for IVF. Moreover, due to the reduced need for hormones and shorter treatment duration, IVM proves to be a more cost-effective option compared to IVF.

Bonnie, as per Rob Gilchrist, a professor at the University of New South Whales and one of the key figures behind IVM, represents the successful collaboration between scientists in Ho Chi Minh City and Brussels.

Currently, according to him, the new therapy is applicable to approximately 20% of individuals who are eligible for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dr. Ho Manh Tuong, a medical professional at My Duc Hospital in HCMC, revealed that the introduction of a novel treatment commenced in 2018 when Australian doctors arrived at our hospital to acquire knowledge about this technique. Unfortunately, due to the disruptive effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the process came to an abrupt halt. However, in 2022, Australia dispatched a team of four individuals to Vietnam with the purpose of studying this treatment. Subsequently, they successfully replicated the procedure in Australia.

Since 2007, Vietnam has adopted In Vitro Maturation (IVM) as an effective remedy for infertility. Remarkably, after a decade, the country emerged as one of the leading practitioners of this treatment, subsequently sharing its expertise with nations such as Australia, France, Singapore, and the United States.

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