Foreigners steal beer from shop in southern Vietnam.

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    Nov 2, 2023

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Foreign men stole a purse filled with cash at a beer store in Long An Province while attempting to exchange large bills for Vietnamese currency.


On Tuesday, the pair made a pit stop at a store located in Duc Hoa District, situated in the southern province. They proceeded to purchase a case of beer.

Upon buying the beer, they approached a staff member and requested to convert two US$100 dollar bills into Vietnamese currency.

While the employees were occupied with counting the Vietnamese currency hidden in a drawer beneath the table, one of them cunningly exploited the situation. Seizing the perfect moment, they swiftly grabbed a purse brimming with cash from the tabletop and hastily made their escape.

While the couple made a hasty retreat to their car parked just outside the shop, the remaining staff swiftly pursued them and managed to reclaim both the purse and the box of beer.

Two foreigners fluff theft from beer shop in southern Vietnam

On October 31, 2023, a shop in Long An Province experienced an attempted theft by two unidentified foreign individuals. However, their illicit endeavor was thwarted as they hastily fled the scene. Captured on video by Nguyen Diep and Nam An.

According to Nguyen Quang Vinh, the shop owner, the perpetrators displayed remarkable swiftness in their actions, leading him to believe that they had meticulously planned the theft in advance.

The two men are currently being pursued by the police.

The nationalities of these individuals have yet to be determined.

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