Fraudster masquerades as colonel for scam.

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    Nov 4, 2023

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A man in central Vietnam posed as a colonel, using official plates on his car, to extort bribes from two women.


Police in the central city have apprehended Le Thua Son, a 48-year-old individual, on charges of "fraudulent appropriation of assets."

On Thursday, authorities apprehended Son following reports filed by two local women named Nhung and Hue. According to their allegations, Son deceitfully acquired VND7 billion (equivalent to US$285,000) from them.

Son, originally from Thanh Hoa Province, informed the authorities that he had traveled to Da Nang City in April where he had the opportunity to encounter two women.

He informed them that he holds the position of a colonel at the Thanh Hoa's Police Department, which grants him numerous connections.

In order to deceive the two women, he created a fraudulent police DI card and affixed a distinctive blue plate, exclusively designated for government officials, onto his vehicle.

Hue, having faith in Son's abilities, entrusted him with VND2 billion to assist in securing her sister's release on bail, amidst an ongoing investigation led by the Ho Chi Minh City police. Similarly, Nhung provided Son with VND5 billion to facilitate the alteration of land use purposes for a plot situated in Quang Nam Province, adjacent to Da Nang.

The son confessed to the authorities that he had utilized the funds for his own personal needs.

In Vietnam, the act of both giving and receiving bribes is considered a criminal offense. However, it is worth noting that while both actions are illegal, there is a potential for bribe givers to avoid charges if they choose to report their involvement to the police.

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