3-year-old girl attacked by German Shepherds.

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    Nov 1, 2023

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3yo girl in Binh Phuoc mauled by 2 German Shepherds while cycling with her mom.


On a sunny Saturday afternoon, the young girl was pedaling furiously on her bicycle, trying to keep up with her mother. Little did she know that danger lurked nearby. Suddenly, two robust German Shepherds, each weighing a hefty 20 kg, pounced on her from the neighboring house, launching a terrifying attack.

The girl suffered severe injuries to her face and ears after being mauled by the dogs. The mother and neighbor swiftly intervened, attempting to drive the aggressive dogs away. Due to the severity of the wounds, the girl had to be hospitalized and received stitches to mend her facial and ear injuries.

The owner has taken the necessary step to confine the dogs for the time being. The local authorities have summoned the owner to attend further proceedings scheduled for Monday.

In May, a young child aged 3 faced severe injuries when he was attacked by a German Shepherd in An Giang Province, located in southern Vietnam. Tragically, another incident occurred in Binh Duong Province near Ho Chi Minh City, where an elderly woman, aged 82, lost her life after being attacked by her family's pitbull.

Dog owners who fail to ensure that their dogs are properly muzzled or vaccinated against rabies may incur fines of up to VND2 million ($81.41) in the event that their pets cause harm to others. Moreover, if a dog causes damage to 31% or more of an individual's body, the owner can potentially face criminal charges in addition to the financial penalty.

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