Group fined for riding hearse during Halloween parade.

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    Nov 9, 2023

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8 people in Ho Chi Minh City were fined for riding a hearse during Halloween, leaving the door open and frightening spectators.


On Tuesday, the police authorities in District 1, namely the Ben Nghe Ward police, announced that each individual involved has been imposed a fine of VND400,000 (equivalent to US$16.37) for their actions that were deemed as disturbing public order.

A 38-year-old individual who operated the hearse incurred a fine of VND700,000 on November 1. The penalty was imposed due to their violation of a government decree mandating the closure of vehicle doors while driving.

The team of eight individuals enlisted the services of a driver to transport them from District 7 to District 1 in a funeral vehicle.

On Halloween night, the passengers donned eerie costumes resembling "ghosts".

Group fined for parading hearse on Halloween

On October 31, 2023, a peculiar sight unfolded on Nguyen Hue Street in District 1 of HCMC. A funeral procession, led by a hearse, made its way through the bustling street. What caught the attention of pedestrians and onlookers were the passengers inside the vehicle, donning eerie Halloween ghost costumes. The scene was captured on video, which was later shared by the police.

As they arrived at the bustling Nguyen Hue pedestrian square, a popular haunt for Halloween enthusiasts, the driver courteously swung open the door, inviting his passengers to join in the merriment and send playful jolts of fright to the unsuspecting crowd.

In the middle of the street, the hearse came to a sudden halt. The occupants swiftly retrieved a stretcher, assuming the role of individuals urgently seeking medical assistance for an injured individual.

A crowd gathered as a result of their exceptional performance.

Over the past decade, Halloween has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity among the younger generation in Vietnam.

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