Hanoi boy suffers trauma, requires hospitalization due to bullying.

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    Oct 28, 2023

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Hanoi 7th grader hospitalized, mentally traumatized by eight schoolmates' assault.


On Wednesday night, a distressing video began circulating on social media, depicting a male student subjected to a gang attack by multiple children. The video revealed the victim helplessly sitting in a hallway corner as several other male students ruthlessly targeted him, repeatedly striking and kicking his head and stomach. Despite the brutal assault, the victim chose not to fight back, instead opting to shield his head while tears streamed down his face.

According to Do Cong Duc, the head of Dai Dong Middle School located in Thach That District, the incident took place in June at the cultural house of Dong Cau village during the summer break. The individuals involved in the video clip were 7th-grade students who attended the school, with Kien being the victim of the assault.

Duc expressed how he had recently come across the video but couldn't bring himself to watch it a second time. He described it as a distressing experience that caused him pain.

According to him, Kien's recent beating was not an isolated incident. Back in September, the school had uncovered another incident where a group of male students were found assaulting Kien on campus.

Kien underwent a 10-day treatment for mental trauma, during which he frequently displayed symptoms of reduced focus. Although he resumed attending school in October, his mental state remained unsteady. The group responsible for assaulting Kien comprised eight individuals, who received a suspension from school for the period ranging from October 20th to October 24th.

Duc described Kien as having a petite frame and enduring challenging living conditions. Despite being subject to physical abuse, he seldom disclosed this to others and even maintained friendships with those who mistreated him, carrying on with their activities as if nothing happened.

According to Duc, the school has urged the families of the students involved to assume responsibility for their actions. Additionally, they have notified the police and higher authorities about the incident. Furthermore, the school has provided support in covering Kien's medical expenses.

The Ministry of Education and Training acknowledged in August that school violence has been a persistent problem, with approximately 7,100 students being implicated in such incidents in 2022. Consequences for students found guilty of such transgressions range from reprimands to suspension.

Currently, an investigation is still in progress.

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