Hanoi mandates minimum 6 m2 parking space for mini apartments.

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    Nov 4, 2023

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Hanoi committee wants mini apartments to meet parking space rules: 6 m2 for motorbikes and bikes each.


The Committee issued a document on Thursday, urging the primary investors of housing projects to ensure sufficient parking space for two-wheeled vehicles. In cases where there is inadequate space within the building premises, alternative parking arrangements outside the building must be made.

The committee has additionally made a request for the implementation of specific vehicle-to-vehicle distance regulations. Furthermore, they have put forth effective solutions to mitigate fire hazards, along with proposing measures to isolate the vehicles from lobbies and stairs.

The placement of charging areas for electric vehicles should be separate from surrounding vehicles, ensuring a safe distance. It is crucial to avoid overnight charging and instead, monitor the charging process carefully to prioritize safety. Additionally, it is vital to have appropriate tools readily available to address any potential battery fire concerns.

According to the committee, it is essential for apartments to provide emergency escape solutions. Authorities have urged apartment owners to consider removing their anti-theft metal cages.

In response to a comprehensive evaluation of mini apartments and other structures prone to fire hazards conducted across the city, requests have been made to address the safety concerns. These measures were prompted by a tragic incident in September, where a devastating fire in a mini apartment in Thanh Xuan District claimed the lives of 56 individuals.

According to the Hanoi police, the fire in the building's basement was attributed to a battery malfunction in a petrol motorbike, which resulted in a short circuit.

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