Hanoi offers $5.3M aid for victims of fatal apartment fire.

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    Nov 8, 2023

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Hanoi's Thanh Xuan District gave VND130 billion ($5.32 million) in donations to aid victims of a fatal apartment fire.


A total sum of VND700 million was allocated to each of the 88 survivors.

Three individuals who suffered injuries requiring hospitalization for a duration of 3-7 days were granted an additional VND300 million each, resulting in a cumulative sum of VND900 million. On the other hand, a group of 33 people who were hospitalized for a period exceeding 7 days received VND400 million each, amounting to a total of VND13.2 billion. Furthermore, an individual with severe injuries that posed a threat to their life received a compensation of VND1 billion.

Bankbooks will be provided to orphans, ensuring financial security for those who have lost their parents. In cases where both parents are deceased, an amount of VND2 billion will be granted to the orphan, while VND1 billion will be allocated to each of the four orphans who have lost one parent. Additionally, 22 children under the age of 16, whose parents are still alive, will receive an amount of VND600 million each as a means of support.

The financial assistance provided for the bereaved families of the 56 victims in the tragic fire amounted to VND500 million per family, resulting in a total sum of VND28 billion. This support was given to aid them in organizing funerary rites and memorials for their beloved family members.

Prior to the official disbursement of funds, Thanh Xuan District had utilized a total of VND6.1 billion donated to provide support to the families impacted by the situation, amounting to VND40 million per individual. Additionally, an additional VND9 billion from Hanoi's budget was allocated towards assisting with resettlement and covering educational expenses.

The fundraising committee for fire victims has reported that the total amount of donated money exceeds VND132 billion. Out of this sum, VND130 billion has already been disbursed, while the remaining VND2.2 billion will be allocated to address additional concerns such as environmental cleanup and disease prevention at the fire site.

According to various survivors of the fire, they have temporarily found alternative accommodations either by renting other places or seeking refuge at their relatives' homes. This arrangement is in place until the mini apartment, which remains restricted, becomes accessible again.

According to their statement, the intention behind utilizing the support funds is to search for alternative living arrangements, considering that the building's structural integrity no longer permits safe habitation.

In mid-September, a tragic incident unfolded on Khuong Ha Street in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. A devastating fire erupted in a mini apartment complex, resulting in the loss of 56 lives and leaving 37 individuals critically injured.

The building owner has been held in custody for a period of four months while authorities conduct an investigation into the incident.

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