Hanoi provides $5.3M aid for victims affected by tragic apartment fire.

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    Nov 7, 2023

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Hanoi's Thanh Xuan District distributed VND130 billion ($5.32 million) on Sunday to aid victims of a fatal apartment fire in September.


A sum of VND700 million was allocated to each of the 88 survivors.

Three individuals who suffered injuries and required hospitalization for a span of 3-7 days were granted an additional VND300 million each, resulting in a total sum of VND900 million. On the other hand, a group of 33 people who remained hospitalized for more than 7 days received VND400 million each, accumulating to a grand total of VND13.2 billion. Lastly, an individual who sustained severe injuries with potential life-threatening consequences was provided with VND1 billion.

Bankbooks will be provided to orphans, with a generous amount of VND2 billion granted to those unfortunate children who have lost both parents. Additionally, four other children who have lost one parent will each receive VND1 billion. Furthermore, a total of 22 children under the age of 16, whose parents are fortunately still alive, will be awarded VND600 million each.

A total of VND28 billion was allocated to support the grieving families of the 56 victims who lost their lives in the tragic fire. Each family received VND500 million to cover expenses related to funerary rites and memorials.

Prior to the formal allocation of funds, Thanh Xuan District had utilized VND6.1 billion in donations to provide aid to the impacted families, extending VND40 million per individual. Additionally, an additional VND9 billion sourced from Hanoi's budget was dedicated towards assisting with relocation and educational expenses.

The amount of money raised by the fundraising committee for fire victims has exceeded VND132 billion. Out of this total, VND130 billion has already been allocated for distribution to those affected. The remaining VND2.2 billion will be utilized to address various aftermath concerns including environmental cleanup and disease prevention in the vicinity of the fire site.

A number of individuals who managed to escape the fire shared that they were currently residing in alternative accommodations such as rented spaces or with their relatives, as the mini apartment where the incident occurred remains inaccessible.

According to their statement, the individuals mentioned that they planned to utilize the financial assistance to seek alternative housing options due to the compromised safety of the current building's structure.

In mid-September, a devastating fire engulfed the mini apartments situated on Khuong Ha Street in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. This tragic incident claimed the lives of 56 individuals and left 37 others injured.

The building's owner has been held in custody for a duration of four months while authorities conduct an ongoing investigation into the incident.

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