Hanoi woman fakes as guest, swipes cash gifts from 5 weddings.

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    Oct 29, 2023

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Hanoi arrest: Woman disguised as guest, stole cash gifts at 5 weddings.


It is customary for wedding attendees to present monetary gifts enclosed within envelopes, instead of physical presents.

Hoang Thi Khanh Linh, a 20-year-old individual, stands accused of allegedly embezzling over 200 million (US$8,140) from various wedding celebrations.

She informed the police that she conceived the plan upon realizing that families are typically preoccupied with entertaining guests, resulting in less attentive scrutiny of the gift money.

Last Wednesday, she was apprehended in Dan Phuong District for her deceptive act of posing as a wedding guest at a house.

As the house owner walked in, she quickly ascended to the second floor and discreetly made her way into a bedroom. Without wasting a moment, she skillfully opened a cupboard and seized a collection of envelopes containing cash before making her swift exit.

The authorities discovered that she had absconded with 51 envelopes, each containing VND19.7 million.

She admitted to them that she had carried out four comparable thefts within the districts of Dan Phuong and Phuc Tho in Hanoi.

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