HCMC authorities crack down on $12M iPhone, iPad smuggling ring.

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    Nov 6, 2023

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Two men in HCMC were apprehended for operating a VND300 billion ($12.23 million) smuggling operation involving phones, laptops, and tablets.


On Saturday, the police in HCMC apprehended two individuals suspected of engaging in smuggling activities. The arrested individuals have been identified as Ngo Tan Dat, aged 42, and Nguyen Van Giang, aged 37. Following their arrest, they are now under investigation by the authorities.

Police officers recently made a significant discovery when they found a group engaged in the illicit activity of smuggling mobile phones, iPads, and laptops from Cambodia into HCMC through the land border. One member of this group, Giang, was apprehended by law enforcement while receiving boxes of contraband at an apartment located on Ta Quang Buu Street in District 8. From there, Giang would transport the goods to a warehouse situated on Hung Phu Street.

During an extensive investigation across multiple warehouses, stores, and retail locations, authorities successfully apprehended approximately 4,000 iPhones, numerous tablets, laptops, and AirTags. Additionally, they seized various pertinent documents and data as part of their operation.

The police successfully apprehended Dat, the alleged mastermind of the smuggling ring, thanks to Giang's confession.

Dat purchased the merchandise from an individual based in Cambodia, with the intention of transferring it to HCMC. Dat's role primarily involved selling these products to various stores and retailers. To facilitate his payments, Dat would convert Vietnamese dong into cryptocurrency.

According to authorities, the police have reported that the group successfully smuggled more than 22,000 phones, laptops, and tablets by the end of 2021. These items hold a collective value of approximately VND300 billion.

The investigation is currently in progress.

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