HCMC bank robbers caught within 22 hours.

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    Oct 28, 2023

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3 suspects arrested for robbing $154,628 from Sacombank in HCMC within 22 hours of the crime.


Nguyen Ngoc My, aged 30, was apprehended by the police at Tan Son Nhat airport in Vietnam while attempting to escape the country. Additionally, Lam Phuc Loi, aged 32, was detained in Long An Province, which shares a border with Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), while Nguyen Thi Bich Tuyen, aged 22, was found hiding in Tan Phu District within HCMC.

The authorities successfully confiscated approximately VND3.5 billion of the stolen funds, in addition to obtaining various pieces of evidence.

The image displays Nguyen Ngoc My (L) and Nguyen Thi Bich Tuyen inside a police station in HCMC, being held accountable for their involvement in a bank robbery. Grateful acknowledgement goes to the HCMC police for providing the photo.

According to authorities, My was identified as the mastermind behind the scheme. The suspects, who claimed to be burdened by debt, revealed that they connected through Facebook and collaboratively devised strategies to obtain funds.

At the beginning of this month, the trio devised a plan to burglarize Sacombank's Nhi Xuan Transaction Office situated in Hoc Mon District. My and Loi successfully procured two improvised firearms and a black-painted motorbike through online channels specifically for this criminal act. In addition, Tuyen took charge of renting a car to aid her partners in crime during both the robbery itself and their subsequent getaway.

Tuyen, accompanied by My, drove a car while Loi opted for a motorbike as they arrived at the transaction office, patiently awaiting the perfect moment. At precisely 10 a.m., Loi and My swiftly entered the premises, brandishing guns to intimidate the guards, employees, and customers present. Loi subsequently coerced the bank employees into filling a pre-arranged bag with money, after which the group hastily departed on the motorbike from the scene.

My and Loi proceeded to ignite the motorbike, clothes, and bags in order to eliminate any evidence that could be used to trace their whereabouts. After successfully doing so, Tuyen arrived to gather her partners in crime and they dispersed, seeking refuge in various undisclosed spots within District 12.

Later that day, the group hopped into a taxi bound for Vung Tau, a city adjacent to HCMC. They divided their funds and embarked on individual journeys, leaving behind any semblance of unity.

The investigation is ongoing.

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