HCMC to create system for managing 70M Facebook, YouTube accounts.

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    Nov 2, 2023

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Ho Chi Minh City to develop system for managing 70M+ YouTube/Facebook accounts & 100K+ news websites.


During a press conference on Monday, Nguyen Ngoc Hoi, the vice director of the Department of Information and Communications in HCMC, discussed the department's recent request to gather data on matters of public importance while also monitoring harmful content.

The system is designed to oversee data from various social media platforms, approximately 150 digital newspapers, over 1,500 digital news websites, and around 350 Ministry of Information and Communications-approved social media sites. The specific commencement date for this system has not been disclosed as of now.

The information department is currently exploring the possibility of leveraging the influence and reach of celebrities and social media influencers to carry out campaigns aimed at educating people about scams prevalent on various platforms.

Hoi indicated that there is active collaboration between the department and authorities to establish a standardized set of criteria aimed at identifying and assessing content found on various accounts and channels. Based on these criteria, the objective is to suggest specific accounts and channels for inclusion on a blacklist that will be reviewed by the People's Committee.

From 2022 to the initial half of this year, the department compiled a roster of 108 foreign social media accounts featuring deceptive or antagonistic content. This comprehensive list facilitates appropriate action by the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information in addressing these accounts effectively.

During that period, a significant number of online content pieces were taken down by authorities. A total of 330 Facebook posts, approximately 440 YouTube videos, over 570 TikTok videos, and several news websites with foreign domains featuring misleading information were removed from the platforms.

Various individuals in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have also faced penalties for various infractions, as account owners.

Earlier this year, the information ministry took a significant step by establishing a blacklist comprising brands that should refrain from placing their advertisements on toxic or violating content.

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