HCMC transport company loses license for 3 months following fatal accident.

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    Nov 5, 2023

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Thanh Buoi Transport Co. fined $3,705 and loses license for 3 months due to fatal bus crash.


The HCMC Department of Transport has recently issued a decision, effective immediately, regarding penalties imposed on the Thanh Buoi company. Located in District 5 on Le Hong Phong Street, the company has been fined for eight violations, with the most significant offense being inadequate health checks for drivers. As a consequence, the company has been fined VND22 million.

There are additional infractions that involve inadequate updates to vehicle and driver records, as well as the absence of transportation contracts and passenger lists.

According to director of the transport department, Tran Quang Lam, the decision has been made after thorough deliberation and extensive discussions.

Lam stated that although the decision would have repercussions on both the business and its employees, it was necessary to be carried out in order to set an example.

In late September, a tragic accident took place on a highway in Dong Nai Province, adjacent to HCMC, claiming the lives of five individuals. The incident involved a Thanh Buoi bus, and subsequent investigations discovered some alarming facts about the driver. It was revealed that the Thanh Buoi driver was found to be exceeding the speed limit, which ultimately led to the fatal collision. Adding to the gravity of the situation, it was also unveiled that the driver had previously faced license revocation due to previous instances of speeding.

The transportation department has stated that during their inspection, they uncovered additional violations that are outside of their jurisdiction. These violations will be handled by the HCMC Police and other relevant agencies.

Established in the year 2000, Thanh Buoi holds a prominent position as a leading transport service provider in the southern region of Vietnam. With a workforce exceeding 1,300 dedicated employees, the company efficiently caters to a substantial volume of passengers traveling between HCMC, the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho, and the scenic Central Highlands city of Da Lat.

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