Kitchen worker arrested for adding poison to school lunches.

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    Sep 28, 2023

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Kitchen worker in northern Son La Province arrested for poisoning students' food with pesticide.


According to a report by Suc Khoe & Doi Dong newspaper, an official from the People's Procuracy of Son La announced on Tuesday that the kitchen staff at Chu Van Thinh High School, a female employee, was apprehended by the police in Mai Son District. The arrest was made on charges of causing harm to another individual.

According to the representative, the woman identified is the spouse of a previous school headmaster, who presently holds a position at another educational institution. Additionally, authorities are actively examining food samples that are believed to be tainted as an integral part of their ongoing investigation.

The People's Committee of Chieng Ban Commune was informed by the school on September 22 about a concerning issue regarding the students' food emitting a pesticide-like odor. Promptly responding to this report, authorities promptly arrived at the scene and conducted an investigation, which revealed that indeed the food sample did carry a distinct smell reminiscent of pesticide.

According to authorities, none of the students had consumed the food as it was detected early.

At the school, there is a student population of more than 1,200, with an impressive 400+ students opting to have their lunch on campus.

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