Man arrested for trafficking Vietnamese workers to Myanmar against their will.

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    Nov 4, 2023

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Police arrest gang member trafficking Vietnamese into Myanmar, forcing them into involuntary labor.


Diep Van Minh, aged 33 and originating from the northern province of Bac Giang, is currently under investigation for his alleged involvement in the criminal act of "organizing and brokering illegal immigration" as stated by the applicable section of the Penal Code.

Minh, as stated by Bac Giang police, is affiliated with a syndicate specializing in recruiting individuals from Vietnam who aspire to work overseas. Employing social networking platforms as their primary channel, this gang establishes contact with prospective candidates.

The ring informs potential employees that they will be taken to Thailand for employment opportunities.

Nevertheless, the reality of the situation is that upon their arrival in Thailand, the workers were illicitly transported to Myanmar, ultimately ending up at a corporation under the ownership and management of individuals of Chinese descent.

Subsequently, they found themselves in a hostage situation where they were compelled to sign an ambiguous contract lacking any mention of their specific roles or responsibilities.

Subsequently, they found themselves compelled to reach out and deceive individuals in Vietnam using cell phones provided by the criminal organization.

Everyday, it is mandatory for every laborer to deceive a minimum of ten fellow Vietnamese individuals using tactics instructed by the group. The funds were then transferred through online accounts.

Any workers who did not meet their work expectations were subjected to physical abuse, electric shocks, imprisonment, and abandonment without access to food.

To ensure their safe return home, the captives are required to fulfill a six-month period of labor and contribute VND150 million (equivalent to US$6,100) to the ring. Additionally, they must cover an extra payment to the ring members who will facilitate their journey back home.

Minh's arrest was prompted by police, who received information on October 9th alleging his involvement in trafficking individuals into forced labor.

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