Man scammed $20K+ in one-night-stand Telegram group.

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    Nov 13, 2023

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A Nghe An man lost over VND500 million ($20,555) after falling victim to a scam on a Telegram group for casual sex.


According to the Nghe An police, a 33-year-old man recently took to social media on November 6th in search of casual encounters. During his pursuit, he came across a Telegram group named "Thien Duong My Nhan" (which translates to "Beauty Heaven").

The administrators of the group managed to convince the man to undertake certain "missions" in exchange for a VIP membership. This exclusive membership would grant him access to discounted services while enjoying the company of captivating individuals.

Following the successful completion of his initial mission, the man submitted VND150,000 as the initial membership fee. Surprisingly, this amount was promptly refunded to him, along with an additional 20% bonus. Encouraged by this gesture, he was motivated to undertake further missions, with the promise of even greater rewards.

The individual informed the authorities that he successfully finished an additional five assignments, with a total transfer of VND560 million to the administrators. However, he expressed disappointment as he did not receive any additional bonuses or manage to establish contact with any women, contrary to the promises made by the group.

He had a feeling that he had fallen for a trick, leading him to ask the administrator for a refund of his money. The administrator responded by stating that if he sent them VND450 million, they would return his initial amount of VND560 million along with additional bonuses.

Upon discovering that the group was a fraudulent scheme, the man promptly alerted the authorities to report the incident.

According to an official from the criminal division of Nghe An police, numerous internet groups claiming to help individuals seeking partners are, in reality, fraudulent operations.

They lure individuals into paying upfront fees, only to lower their defenses by subsequently offering them bonus funds.

As the expenditure rises, they persistently insist to their targets that additional funds are required to maintain their alleged VIP membership.

According to the representative, victims may be subject to psychological manipulation and continue to send money in an attempt to recover their losses. Unfortunately, by the time they realize that they have fallen prey to a scam, it is often too late. The representative further stated that due to feelings of shame, many victims choose not to report the incidents to the police.

According to law enforcement officials, the majority of scammers operate from foreign countries, rendering the recovery of lost funds nearly unattainable.

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