Many drug-impaired drivers found in southern Vietnam.

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    Oct 22, 2023

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31 drivers in Dong Nai, South Province, tested positive for drugs during traffic police inspections after a fatal sleeper bus accident that claimed five lives.


On Saturday, Dong Nai police announced the deployment of forces to enhance safety measures on national highways that are notorious for accidents, namely 1A, 20, and 51. Their primary objective is to ensure the well-being of commuters using these routes.

The police have imposed fines amounting to more than VND1.8 billion ($73,350), invalidated 156 driver's licenses, and confiscated 197 vehicles. Additionally, they discovered 146 instances of alcohol level violations and apprehended 31 drivers who tested positive for narcotics while operating a vehicle.

On October 13th, a police team patrolling National Highway 20 encountered a bus operating on the Bien Hoa-Tan Phu route that exhibited clear indications of traffic infractions. Consequently, the authorities decided to conduct an inspection. During the assessment, it was discovered that the driver of the bus had tested positive for drug consumption, highlighting a potential violation of drug laws. Following this incident, three days later, law enforcement authorities stumbled upon another truck transporting agricultural goods from Lam Dong to Ho Chi Minh City. Shockingly, it was revealed that both the driver and assistant of the truck were under the influence of drugs, posing a serious risk to road safety.

In the previous month, a tragic incident occurred when a sleeper bus and a 6-seat van collided head-on on National Highway 20. This highway serves as a crucial link between HCMC and the popular tourist destination of Da Lat in Dong Nai province. Unfortunately, this collision led to the loss of five lives. According to an official from the Department of Roads at the Transport Ministry, the sleeper bus was traveling at a speed of 69 kph just prior to the accident, exceeding the maximum permitted speed of 50 kph for that particular road section. Adding to the negligence, it was revealed that the bus driver was operating without a valid license, which had previously been revoked due to a separate speeding offense.

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