Mekong province points finger at delayed bridge construction on sluggish government fund distribution.

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    Oct 27, 2023

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Rach Mieu 2 Bridge construction delayed due to late government funding for land acquisition in Mekong Delta.


Construction on the bridge spanning the Tien River, a tributary of the Mekong, and linking Tien Giang and Ben Tre provinces commenced in March 2022. The completion of this significant infrastructure project is anticipated to take place in early 2025.

While Ben Tre has successfully transferred 96% of the necessary land, Tien Giang has only accomplished 51% of the task.

Nguyen Tri Dong, the deputy director of the Tien Giang Department of Natural Resources and Environment, highlighted during a recent news conference that the government had initially set aside VND2.1 trillion for land acquisition and owner compensation. However, to date, only VND1.26 trillion has been disbursed, resulting in delays in the construction process.

We have reached out to the Ministry of Transport, requesting financial assistance.

The upcoming bridge, situated four kilometers away from the current Rach Mieu Bridge, is set to span a length of 17.6 kilometers, encompassing the connecting roads. With a width of 21.5 meters and the provision of four lanes, the new bridge aims to facilitate smooth transportation for commuters.

A total area of 62 hectares is needed across the two provinces.

The initial estimation for the cost was VND5.2 trillion (US$228.6 million), but it was subsequently increased to VND6.81 trillion.

Rach Mieu 2, also known as the seventh bridge across the Tien River, has been designed with the purpose of alleviating traffic congestion on the current bridge.

On an average day, approximately 18,000 vehicles utilize the designated space, but this number significantly escalates to 20,000 on weekends and holidays. This surge in usage exceeds the anticipated capacity of the area, reaching three times its originally intended limit.

The Lunar New Year, known as Tet in Vietnam, brings an overwhelming surge of activity during this country's most significant holiday.

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