NA expresses support for 44 senior personnel through their votes of confidence.

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    Oct 26, 2023

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The National Assembly cast secret ballots to assess 44 approved individuals' achievements through votes of confidence.


During the sixth NA session, the NA Standing Committee convened in the morning to address issues related to the votes of confidence. Later in the afternoon, the outcomes of these votes were presented and officially verified.

In the previous session on Tuesday, the NA had given their approval to a list comprising 44 individuals who would undergo votes of confidence in the sixth session.

The individuals who may undergo votes of confidence encompass the president, vice president, chairperson, and vice chairpersons of the NA. Additionally, members of the NA Standing Committee, the NA Secretary General, the chairperson of the NA’s Council for Ethnic Affairs, the chairpersons of the NA committees, the prime minister, deputy prime ministers, ministers, and other members of the Government are among those subject to this process. Furthermore, the chief justice of the Supreme People’s Court, the prosecutor general of the Supreme People’s Procuracy, and the auditor general of the State Audit Office are also included.

However, individuals who are awaiting retirement or those who were elected in the same year when votes of confidence are cast will not be subject to these votes.

The mentioned individuals are President Vo Van Thuong, Deputy Prime Ministers Tran Hong Ha and Tran Luu Quang, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Dang Quoc Khanh, and Chairman of the Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs Le Quang Manh.

If an individual receives between half and two-thirds of the votes indicating "low confidence," it is recommended that they step down. Conversely, if an individual receives at least two-thirds of their votes as "low confidence," they will be put forward for potential dismissal.

The NA conducted three separate votes of confidence using secret ballots in June 2013, November 2014, and October 2018. In each instance, no individual received more than half of the votes indicating "low confidence."

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