National Assembly plans to review draft laws on land, defense, and resources during the upcoming fall session for discussion and potential revisions.

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    Oct 21, 2023

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The National Assembly will meet in Hanoi for its 6th session, discussing and voting on revised laws from Oct. 23 to Nov. 28.


During a press conference on Thursday, General Secretary and Chairman of the NA Office, Bui Van Cuong, announced that the session would be divided into two stages. The first stage will take place until November 10, while the second stage is scheduled from November 20 to 28.

The legislative body is scheduled to deliberate and cast votes on a total of nine proposed legislations and amended laws covering various areas such as land, real estate industry, housing, water resources, telecommunications, defense facilities and military zones management and protection, grassroots security forces, identity cards, credit organizations. Additionally, they will also consider a resolution aimed at piloting certain mechanisms and policies to address regulatory challenges associated with investment in road infrastructure development.

Furthermore, there will be a thorough examination by the legislators of eight proposed legislations encompassing various aspects. These include amendments to the laws concerning social insurance and archives, as well as new legislation pertaining to defense industry, security and industrial mobilization, road management, road traffic safety and order, the capital city administration, and organization of people's courts. Additionally, there will be revisions and updates made to certain sections of the law on asset auctions.

The National Assembly will carefully consider a range of socio-economic matters concerning the execution of plans for socio-economic development and the State budget in 2023. Additionally, they will work on formulating plans for the upcoming year, among other topics.

The legislative body will examine the reports on judicial work and determine the necessary revisions to Resolution 53/2017/QH14 issued by the National Assembly on November 24, 2017. This resolution pertains to the assessment of the feasibility study report for the land acquisition, compensation, support, and resettlement project aimed at facilitating the construction of the Long Thanh international airport.

Scheduled on the agenda are question and answer sessions, which aim to shed light on the roles and obligations of Government members and sector leaders in effectively executing various resolutions of the 14th National Assembly.

The National Assembly (NA) will be responsible for overseeing the execution of its resolutions pertaining to various national target programs. These programs include the construction of new rural areas from 2021 to 2025, sustainable poverty reduction between 2021 and 2025, as well as the socio-economic development of ethnic minority and mountainous regions from 2021 to 2030.

Votes of confidence will be conducted for positions that are either voted in or appointed by the NA, and the outcomes will be publicly announced through various mass media channels.

Since its inception, the legislature has given its seal of approval and appointed a total of 50 positions. The comprehensive list, subject to a vote of confidence, is scheduled to be presented to the NA Standing Committee on October 24th.

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