Neighbor's house set ablaze by man following dispute over noise; suspect apprehended.

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    Oct 27, 2023

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In Can Tho, a man was arrested for locking and setting ablaze his neighbor's house with seven people inside in response to a noise complaint.


Huynh Tan Duy, who is 37 years old, is currently being charged with attempted murder after his victims were able to escape but sustained injuries.

This photograph captures Huynh Tan Duy inside a police station located in Can Tho City.

During a recent investigation, it was discovered that Duy engaged in an argument with his neighbor, a 39-year-old man, on Tuesday evening. The dispute arose when the neighbor expressed dissatisfaction claiming that Duy's door opening was causing excessive noise, resulting in his 1-year-old son becoming upset and crying.

Duy decided to wait until after midnight before taking action. He gathered a gasoline can and an iron string, intending to use them at the neighbor's house. Unfortunately, he was aware that there were seven individuals, including two young boys aged 1 and 15, peacefully asleep inside.

In an attempt to prevent anyone from opening it, he secured the door tightly with a strong iron string before proceeding to splash gasoline against the window of the house in order to ignite it. However, to his dismay, no flames emerged. Undeterred, he decided to return to his own residence and retrieve a miniature gas cylinder.

Nguyen Van Diep, a nearby resident, witnessed Duy's actions and urgently shouted to alert the unsuspecting victims. However, this only provoked Duy to retaliate by locking Diep's residence from the outside and maliciously setting it ablaze as well.

In a desperate situation, Diep found himself dialing his relatives' numbers, seeking their immediate help, all the while skillfully maneuvering his way out of the house to ensure his own escape.

Police photo shows motorbikes set on fire in front of the house by Huynh Tan Duy on October 24, 2023.

A total of seven individuals successfully fled the initial house by forcefully breaching their rear entrance. However, unfortunate circumstances led to two of them sustaining injuries while leaping from the second story.

In just approximately 20 minutes, the police swiftly dispatched a team of 20 officers to safely evacuate residents from the area. Additionally, they coordinated with 30 fire policemen who arrived with five fire trucks to efficiently extinguish the fire.

The blaze resulted in the complete destruction of three motorcycles and various belongings within the initial residence, resulting in an estimated damage value of nearly VND200 million (equivalent to US$8,126).

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