New bridge proposed to connect southern HCMC and downtown, improving accessibility.

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    Nov 11, 2023

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HCMC's Department of Transport proposes a VND3.7 trillion ($151 million) bridge-road project for linking Districts 4 and 7 with downtown District 1, crossing two canals.


According to the department, if given approval, the project will commence during the final quarter of next year and is projected to be completed within a span of three years.

The project consists of two main components: a bridge spanning 2.5 km in length and ranging from 6.5 to 25.5 meters in width, as well as a road extending 2.3 km in length and measuring between 26.6 and 61.5 meters in width.

The construction project aims to connect D1 Street in the Him Lam residential area of District 7 to Ben Van Don Street in District 4 and Vo Van Kiet Street in District 1. This ambitious plan involves the development of a bridge that will span across two canals, namely Te and Ben Nghe canals.

An overpass will be incorporated into the project, which is called Nguyen Khoai Bridge-Street.

Upon its completion, the project will alleviate congestion on the routes connecting the southern part of the city to downtown. These routes have consistently faced severe traffic jams due to prolonged infrastructure development.

The development plan for Nguyen Khoai Bridge-Street, which will connect districts 7, 4, and 1, was initially devised seven years ago with an estimated budget exceeding VND1.25 trillion.

However, progress has been hindered by insufficient funding.

The Department of Transport recently announced that with the National Assembly's approval of increased administrative autonomy for HCMC in June, they can now proceed with implementing projects in the build-transfer format. Additionally, the department is actively working on finalizing investment procedures to facilitate these projects.

Below is a revised version of the content: Presenting an illustrative map showcasing the connectivity between downtown Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and its southern region. The graphics have been skillfully designed by Thanh Huyen and Dang Le.

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