Nha Trang's sleeper buses disregard red lights.

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    Oct 27, 2023

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Sleeper buses in Nha Trang City were caught on dash cam footage, taking turns to run a red light on National Highway 1.


On the evening of October 22nd, in Vinh Luong Commune, a bustling tourist city, amidst vehicles halting at a red traffic light, an unusual sight unfolded. A sleeper bus defied convention and continued its onward journey without adhering to the mandatory stop signal.

Soon after, yet another sleep bus came into view and recklessly disregarded the red light.

Sleeper buses jump red lights in Nha Trang

On October 22, an alarming incident occurred in Nha Trang City on National Highway 1. A photograph captured the moment when not one, but two sleeper buses blatantly disregarded a red traffic light. The photo, taken by Duc Bach, serves as evidence of this reckless and dangerous behavior.

The two buses were moving rapidly.

In Vietnam, drivers of cars and buses who disregard traffic lights and pass through a red signal are subjected to a fine ranging from VND4-6 million (equivalent to US$161-242). Additionally, their driving licenses can be suspended for a duration of up to three months.

Drivers who choose to skip a red light and subsequently cause an accident may face the consequence of having their licenses confiscated for a period of up to four months.

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