'One Health' boosts Vietnam's life science education.

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    Nov 11, 2023

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Bayer joined forces with Oxford University Research Unit and Khan Quang Do Publications to unveil the "One Health" book in Science Switch project on Nov. 5.


The Book Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City witnessed a captivating launch event as the three organizations came together to host it.

Distinguished representatives from Bayer, OUCRU, and Khan Quang Do, along with the scientists who played a crucial role in the creation of the book, were present at the event. Additionally, numerous enthusiastic students and teachers from secondary schools were drawn to the occasion.

This project is the result of a joint effort involving three entities and an editorial team comprising more than 20 scientists representing various disciplines such as science, agro-industry, communications, and education.

In order to make sure the book remains relatable and interesting to its intended teenage audience, a team of students expertly edited its content. By incorporating their valuable insights, the book gains a distinctive perspective that truly resonates with young readers, enhancing its overall appeal.

The concept of "One Health" emphasizes the vital significance of harmonized and enduring progress among humans, animals, and the environment, nurturing a worldwide resilience for the betterment of our planet.

Minh Phu's photo captured the attention of numerous passionate students and teachers from secondary schools who eagerly attended the event.

The book sheds light on the interdependency of these three areas, underscoring that any actions taken by humans that directly or indirectly affect the environment or animals can also pose risks to human health, and vice versa.

By providing scientific explanations, "One Health" presents young readers with the chance to enhance their understanding and gain new insights on diverse subjects. These include the human body, everyday occurrences, the animal and plant realm, medical advancements and innovations, and the overarching concept of One Health.

As a result, it serves as a source of motivation for the youth to actively safeguard the environment and promote animal welfare due to its direct influence on their personal well-being and that of society. Moreover, One Health not only appeals to teenagers but also encourages professionals from various disciplines including human medicine, veterinary medicine, geology, and environmental sciences to join forces and work together towards ensuring the overall health of our planet in the long run.

The Science Switch project, a collaborative effort between OUCRU, Bayer, and Khan Quang Do, has introduced "One Health" as an initiative to ignite curiosity in science amongst Vietnamese teenagers.

At the launch event of "One Health," students were granted a unique chance to engage and inquire with the scientific experts responsible for compiling the book. A photograph captured by Minh Phu commemorated this interactive session.

Ever since its establishment in 2021, the Science Switch initiative has achieved noteworthy advancements in sharing scientific knowledge among teenagers in Vietnam.

In its inaugural year, the project's scientific content attracted a staggering number of over 1.8 million participants across the nation. These individuals actively interacted with the project through an array of engaging mediums, including comics, podcasts, online events, and various social media platforms.

In the second year, there were over 22,000 interactions on social media, which involved various engaging formats such as science infographics, explainer videos, online activities, and exchange events.

After the book's successful launch event in 2023, the Science Switch project has exciting plans to kick off a science tour.

During this tour, participants will engage in various activities aimed at fostering a love for science among young minds. These activities include donating books to students and libraries, as well as delivering captivating science performances at middle and high schools. By doing so, the tour seeks to bring science closer to the hearts of young individuals and further its mission.

Luigi Isabelo Dejos, the Head of Consumer Health Division at Bayer Vietnam, emphasizes the importance of promoting comprehensive global health through the concept of "One Health." This approach encourages collaboration and coordination among various scientific disciplines.

Bayer, OUCRU, Khan Quang Do Publications of Tuoi Tre Newspaper, along with esteemed scientists and professionals, have joined hands to foster a deeper scientific knowledge among the young generation in Vietnam.

Dejos stated that through forming alliances with reliable partners, we are optimistic that these cooperative endeavors will serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring scientists, engineers, and technology professionals in the nation.

Luigi Isabelo Dejos, the Head of Consumer Health Division at Bayer Vietnam, was captured sharing his insights during the event. The photo was taken by Minh Phu.

According to Vu Duy Thanh, Vice Head of Public Engagement and Manager of the Schools Engagement and Youth Science Program at OUCRU, the book serves as a remarkable testament to the combined efforts of OUCRU and its partners in connecting the worlds of science and Vietnamese youth.

It functions as a tool to foster a love for science in students and as a strong motivator for us to continue creating meaningful science engagement initiatives that have a positive impact on both young individuals and the community as a whole.

According to Nguyen Khac Cuong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Tuoi Tre Newspaper, in today's rapidly evolving digital age, where information spreads quickly via social media platforms, educational scientific publications such as the book "One Health" carry significant importance for the younger generation, known as Gen Z.

The scientific content in this book is presented in a concise, creative, and youthful manner, making it incredibly valuable. We are thrilled to work together with our partners to make this book accessible to young readers and to further contribute to the Science Switch project. This initiative has effectively brought science education to numerous students, and we are proud to be part of its ongoing support.

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