Over 10k visitors are drawn to ETE 2023.

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    Oct 26, 2023

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The Event Tech Expo 2023 in Vietnam showcased cutting-edge technology, drawing visitors with its impressive demonstrations.


On October 14, the highly anticipated event, ETE 2023, took place at HCMC's GEM Center in collaboration with over 30 esteemed organizations. Spanning across an impressive 5,000 square meters, the venue was strategically divided into three distinct zones: "To the Ocean," "To the Cave," and "To the Forest." This ingenious setup aimed to create an immersive technological adventure, guiding visitors through a captivating journey into the realms of the ocean, cave, and forest.

The inspiration behind Pollux Hall, a subdivision, stems from the captivating essence of the ocean. The GEM Center deserves credit for providing the accompanying photograph.

The design of the Pollux Hall subdivision drew inspiration from the ocean, mirroring the sleek and impressive features of the Audi e-tron GT sports car. This remarkable transformation was made possible through the ingenious collaboration of Alta Media's projection mapping technology, Vietart's visually captivating images, and Step's innovative floor mapping system.

Visitors had an immersive and enjoyable experience with TShowsLED's load-bearing LED flooring system. The sensation of effortlessly gliding across the floor made them feel as if they were walking on the ocean itself.

Visitors are treated to a mesmerizing encounter with the ocean's ebb and flow, made possible through the ingenious use of light technology at Pollux Hall. This enchanting spectacle immerses audiences in a visual experience like no other. Captivating images of this breathtaking phenomenon can be witnessed at Pollux Hall, thanks to the GEM Center.

Alta Media showcased an incredible display of kinetic technology, leaving the audience in awe. A mesmerizing ensemble of 140 kinetic balls seamlessly transitioned between different states and vibrant colors, synchronously moving in harmony with various shapes and accompanying music. This dynamic spectacle contributed enchantingly to the overall artistic dance performance.

Visitors at Pollux Hall were treated to an enriching experience where they delved into the world of professional sound and lighting equipment, as well as explored the intricacies of An Bach Layer Truss's layer truss system. The event also showcased Thanh Cong's revolutionary infinity LED technology, leaving spectators in awe. To top it all off, experts from Nam Sao Media put on a mesmerizing sound and light show that captivated everyone present.

Visitors to ETE 2023 are in for a distinctive experience as they encounter the captivating blend of sound, light, and cutting-edge technology. The event at GEM Center promises an unforgettable journey that engages all senses.

Following was the enchanting Castor Hall, a marvel inspired by the splendor of natural caves. As visitors stepped inside, they were welcomed by Alta Media's ingenious mist installation that skillfully utilized steam to craft a captivating screen. This dynamic screen seamlessly showcased mesmerizing projections, allowing individuals to gracefully venture through its ethereal presence.

ArtTech ingeniously forged a rain pathway through their exceptional technical system, skillfully guiding the continuous flow of water. Inside, participants were captivated by the mesmerizing showcase of ArtTech's Led Matrix technology. The immersive experience was further enhanced by the seamless integration of Quoc Viet's state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, supplemented by TN Media's awe-inspiring visual effects.

The LED matrix is a powerful lighting device that emits vibrant and diverse light beams, enabling enhanced visual impact in performances. Its versatility allows for the creation of various shapes, elevating the overall visual effectiveness. Through the utilization of specialized software and hardware, the color of every LED bulb can be easily manipulated, providing complete control over the lighting ambiance.

The main zone showcased a dynamic space that incorporated various elements. The framework was crafted by STEP Company, while the visuals were provided by Motix. Show Group contributed to the setup with a curved LED screen and gauze screen installation. What made this area truly unique was the integration of "real-time tracking" projection technology and "projection mapping" using an exceptional Barco projector. This projector belonged to a renowned global technology brand known for its development of networked visualization solutions catering to both entertainment and enterprise sectors.

Show Group offers the revolutionary Barco UDX-4K32 projector, which boasts a distinct feature that sets it apart. This remarkable projector utilizes cutting-edge technology that allows for automatic image movement in sync with moving objects. By swiftly detecting and tracking the motion and position of the targeted object, this advanced projector ensures seamless projection quality.

The third notable feature in this subdivision was the creation of a multi-dimensional art space, a collaborative effort between Lu Nhac Company and TN Media. Lu Nhac Company took charge of installing the frames, while TN Media was responsible for crafting the captivating images within the space.

The immersive room, known as the "immersive room", was established utilizing a state-of-the-art Barco projector system generously supplied by Show Group in Vietnam. Renowned globally for its interactive capabilities, this technology has gained immense popularity due to its remarkable capacity to craft unparalleled immersive experiences.

The audience experienced a captivating sense of immersion in the world of technology and creativity as multiple projectors zoomed in visual images, filling a vast space. The displayed details were exceptionally clear and vivid, leaving a lasting impression.

Guests at ETE 2023 are treated to a vibrant atmosphere created by the mesmerizing visual effects produced by participating businesses and units. This captivating experience at GEM Center is a true delight for the senses.

Located on the highest level of GEM Center, there exists a dedicated section that showcases cutting-edge technology applications specifically curated for banquets and personal events.

The responsibility for organizing the segment titled "Fantasy Rainforest" was entrusted to La Truong Xuan Luxury Wedding. This team brilliantly crafted an enchanting ambience resembling a tropical rainforest, complete with lush foliage. Within this mesmerizing setup, guests were treated to a plethora of immersive technological experiences, such as LED matrix displays, kinetic installations, mist screens, and water screens. One standout feature was the utilization of cutting-edge 3D mapping technology, which transformed the banquet table into a captivating visual spectacle.

The Event Technology Exhibition 2023 not only offered engaging experiences and valuable insights, but also served as a catalyst for unleashing creative inspiration among numerous individuals and businesses in HCMC.

GEM Center has selected the message "Dare to Inspire" for this exhibition, with the aim of promoting a culture of innovative exploration and embracing challenges in order to achieve remarkable breakthroughs.

According to a representative from GEM Center, we firmly believe that by harnessing our existing potential and fostering collaboration among various units and businesses in the event organization industry, we have the ability to generate value not only for ourselves but also for society as a whole. Our collective efforts aim to establish new benchmarks and redefine standards within this industry.

The Event Technology Exhibition 2023 was accompanied by several notable units including CHOO Communications, ProEvents, La Thuong Xuan, ShowGroup, Tran Linh Vietnam, Barco, Motix, VietArt, Anti Brief Studio, Alta Media, TShows LED, HLED, Van Nghe Music Center, Nam Sao Media, Quoc Viet Sound & Lighting, Ky Laser, Lu Nhac, STEP, Anh Vang, ArtTech, AnBachLayerTruss, TN Media, Avitech, Union, Gumi Solutions, Thanh Cong, ADV Digital, Expand VN, VietImage, and Phan Hai.

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