Phu Quoc resort's spider incident leads man to seek medical help.

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    Oct 29, 2023

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Electrician at Phu Quoc resort bitten by tarantula-like spider, experiencing arm swelling and body pain.


The man was transported to the S.O.S clinic on Phu Quoc for medical care. He brought along a peculiar spider measuring 4 cm in body length and 13 cm with its limbs extended, hoping to have it identified.

According to Doan Thanh Hien, the clinic's head of the internal medicine department, the bite was confirmed to be venomous. However, due to the clinic not stocking antidotes specifically for spider venom, the treatments administered focused on alleviating the associated symptoms.

After disinfecting the patient's wound, injections of medication were administered to prevent the venom from spreading any further. Additionally, other drugs were prescribed to alleviate inflammation, swelling, and pain. Following a two-hour period in which the symptoms significantly improved, the patient was cleared to return home.

According to Hien, the man who was bitten, he encountered an incredibly sizable spider that surpassed any he had previously witnessed. This arachnid possessed a hairy exterior, and its specific classification remains unknown. The electrician recounted that the spider concealed itself within a dimly lit nook and unexpectedly sank its fangs into him while he diligently attended to the repairs of electrical systems.

During this year's rainy season, the clinic has treated its second patient for spider bites. Hien emphasized the importance of caution when venturing outdoors during this time, as spider venom can cause a sting similar to that of a bee. To prevent snake, spider, and insect bites, Hien advised wearing protective gear such as boots.

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