PM seeks OECD help in attracting quality investment to Vietnam.

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    Oct 28, 2023

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Pham Minh Chinh seeks OECD's help for Vietnam's growth through green transition, digital transformation, and carbon market development.


Chinh expressed his comments while welcoming Mathias Cormann, the Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), during his visit to Hanoi on October 27. This occasion coincided with Cormann's participation in the OECD-Southeast Asia Ministerial Forum 2023, where discussions focused on the activities of the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Program (SEARP).

Prime Minister Chinh conveyed his gratitude to the OECD for their collaboration and assistance to Vietnam in its capacity as the Co-Chair of the SEARP. He particularly acknowledged the OECD's valuable contributions towards the accomplishments of two significant events, namely the OECD-Southeast Asia Ministerial Forum 2023 and the OECD-Vietnam Investment Forum 2023, held on October 26-27.

In June, he expressed appreciation for the OECD's endorsement of the Indo-Pacific Strategy and expressed his hope that both the organization and its Secretary-General would further lend their support to the region by dedicating resources to strengthen regional cooperation.

The host proposed that Vietnam and the OECD enhance their substantive and fruitful collaboration.

He approached the OECD to help in crafting strategies that would attract top-notch investments, while discussing Vietnam's strategic development directions.

The proposed measures will facilitate Vietnam's seamless integration into the global value and supply chains, safeguard the interests of investors, and ensure prompt adaptation to emerging standards, including the global minimum tax.

Cormann expressed admiration for Vietnam's important role as the Co-Chair of the Southeast Asia Regional Programme (SEARP), particularly praising the country's efforts in organizing the OECD-Southeast Asia Ministerial Forum 2023.

He enthusiastically praised the forum's theme, "Sustainable and Quality Investment: New Momentum for OECD- Southeast Asia Partnership," stating that it perfectly captures the shared interests and has successfully enticed ministerial-level representatives from multiple countries to actively participate.

According to him, Vietnam continues to possess ample opportunities for attracting high-quality investments in the realm of green and sustainable development despite the ongoing global changes.

Recognizing the continued importance of Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, for the OECD, the official has committed to strengthening the relationship between Vietnam and the organization. Furthermore, he has shown willingness to collaborate with Vietnam in various areas of mutual interest.

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