Police investigating protests against new port.

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    Oct 25, 2023

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Police investigate protest against container port construction in Thanh Hoa province involving 300 people.


On Monday, the police of Nghi Son Commune initiated a criminal probe against certain individuals from the local community residing in Hai Ha Commune. The investigation was launched on charges of "disrupting public order."

On that particular day, it was reported that approximately 300 individuals, primarily consisting of women and children, assembled at a construction site for the Long Son Container Port. Demonstrating their dissent, they brandished banners and placards while raising their voices in protest.

A group of individuals embarked on a journey, starting from provincial road 513 in Hai Ha and traversing through the neighboring communes of Hai Thuong and Hai Yen.

According to law enforcement officials, the march led to a significant traffic buildup stretching over a kilometer, resulting in a disruption of public order that lasted from 8:30 a.m. until 11:45 a.m.

From October 18 to 23, there has been a continuous gathering of individuals from Hai Ha Commune at both the construction site and the communal People's Committee headquarters, expressing their strong opposition towards the project. This persistent protest has been ongoing for several days now.

According to the demonstrators, the project is anticipated to have adverse effects on the local fishing industry and occupy crucial docking areas traditionally used by local fishermen for their trading activities.

The Thanh Hoa Standing Party Committee had previously mandated a dedicated team to effectively communicate and convince the public about the advantages of the project.

According to official reports, a significant number of 132 families residing in Hai Ha Commune have expressed their strong opposition towards the construction of the port.

More than 40 families have committed to not impede the construction process by signing formal agreements. Additionally, approximately 90 families have expressed their commitment without formally signing any agreement. Regrettably, a total of 27 families have declined to cooperate with this initiative.

The anticipated price tag for the Long Son Container Port initiative is estimated to surpass VND750 billion ($30.54 million) and is projected to commence operations by 2025. Situated within the Nghi Son Economic Area, this project intends to cover approximately 15 hectares of water surface area. Lang Son Company stands as the primary investor for this venture.

On Tuesday, Mai Sy Lan, the vice chairman of the Nghi Son Town People’s Committee, emphasized the significance of the port as a major project for Thanh Hoa. According to him, the port's role extends beyond the Nghi Son economic area, serving as crucial marine infrastructure for Thanh Hoa and various other regions in north-central Vietnam.

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