Province seeks special loan for Da Lat greenhouse removal.

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    Nov 8, 2023

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Lam Dong Province in Central Highlands wants VND4.8tn ($197m) in loans to eliminate harmful greenhouses from Da Lat City.


The provincial People's Committee has recommended that the central bank formulate policies to encourage commercial banks in providing favorable loan schemes to support the growth of green and high-tech agriculture.

In the past, the Lam Dong's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced its requirement of VND4.8 trillion in preferential loans to support farmers in relocating their greenhouses from Da Lat's inner area. Da Lat, renowned for its breathtaking scenery, is a popular tourist destination.

By December of the previous year, the department had introduced a strategy aiming to eliminate the greenhouses situated in the center of Da Lat by 2030. These structures have been held responsible for contributing to urban flooding in the area.

For the past two decades, farmers and businessmen in Lam Dong have heavily relied on greenhouses as their primary means of cultivation. As a result, the province has seen a rapid increase in the number of improvised greenhouse structures, covering a vast expanse of 4,500 hectares. However, this extensive reliance on greenhouses has come at a significant cost to the natural environment.

The wintry forests of the region stand out as a distinctive feature amongst Vietnam's jungles and much of Southeast Asia.

Da Lat holds the majority share of greenhouses in the province, accounting for 57%, while Lac Duong District comes next with a substantial portion of 21.7%.

In the heart of the city, an impressive expanse of over 2,900 hectares of greenhouses extends across ten wards. These verdant structures dominate the landscape and account for a remarkable 60% of the city's entire farmland.

In July 2023, a downpour in Da Lat caused significant flooding on Ngoc Van Street in the heart of downtown. VnExpress/Khanh Huong captured a photo showcasing the aftermath of this heavy rain.

While these facilities have contributed to the region's presence in the global flower market (to the extent that even the Dutch import flowers from Da Lat), they have predominantly been constructed by self-taught local tradespeople utilizing iron and bamboo sticks. However, it is important to acknowledge that these structures fail to comply with environmental protection standards.

According to the Province Department of Agriculture, the rapid expansion of greenhouses in Lam Dong has occurred without adequate management. This has resulted in negative consequences such as encroachment on precious and vulnerable natural ecosystems, as well as the unfortunate destruction of the region's aesthetic appeal.

On numerous occasions, experts have presented the argument that greenhouses in the Da Lat region struggle to effectively retain water from the frequently tumultuous weather conditions. Consequently, this inability leads to instances of flooding in Da Lat and its surrounding areas during periods of heavy rainfall.

The department announced that greenhouse owners would be provided with exclusive loan offers to aid them in dismantling their existing structures and transitioning to environmentally-friendly alternatives.

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