Saigon canal bank still sinking due to erosion.

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    Jul 22, 2023

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Bank section along Thanh Da Canal in HCMC's Binh Thanh District sank 1.78 cm daily for 9 days due to erosion.


On Thursday, the Department of Transport reported that a particular 200m stretch along the canal has experienced a gradual subsidence rate of 1.78 cm per day on average. Additionally, it has been observed that this section has also slipped towards the water by approximately 2 cm per day.

Portcoast Consultant Corporation, a city-based company, collected the data until Wednesday, spanning a period of nine days.

The company has announced that the ongoing situation will persist, posing a threat to the families residing alongside the bank.

In the previous month, an extensive erosion occurred on the right bank of Thanh Da Canal, which spans approximately 120 meters in length. This embankment section is a crucial part of the Saigon River system. Subsequently, the subsidence of the canal's bank has persisted since the incident took place.

The department stated that additional field studies and data collection on topography, geology, and hydrology are necessary to effectively understand the cause and find a solution.

According to Bui Hoa An, the deputy director of the department, the embankment section that experienced erosion was constructed in 2009 when there were no residential properties in the vicinity.

In the past, there were regulations that required houses to be constructed at a minimum distance of 10m from the embankment. However, in recent times, this rule has been disregarded, and houses are now built as close as 3.5m from the embankment. This has led to an increased burden on the bank's load capacity.

Meanwhile, a total of 13 families have been successfully moved away from the eroded regions.

In 2006, an initiative was undertaken in Ho Chi Minh City to initiate the construction of a protective embankment along the Thanh Da Canal aimed at combating erosion.

The project was segregated into four sections, with individual costs allocated from the state budget as follows: VND110 billion (equivalent to US$4.65 million), VND280 billion, VND281 billion, and VND420 billion respectively.

Currently, there has been progress made on just one section, while another section remains incomplete, and work is yet to commence on the remaining two sections. The primary obstacle hindering the project's development is the challenges faced in clearing the site.

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