Schools halt lunch programs due to spoiled chicken find.

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    Oct 30, 2023

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Spoiled chicken meat found at supplier leads to four schools in Ho Chi Minh City discontinuing lunch service after parent-led inspection.


Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, the deputy head of the Thu Duc City Department of Education and Training, has identified four schools within the district. These schools include Truong Thanh Primary School, Truong Thanh Secondary School, Phuoc Thanh Primary School, and Long Thanh My Primary School.

Starting from October 30, schools will no longer provide school lunches as the company located in Thu Duc's Long Thanh My Ward, which supplies food to all the educational institutions, will cease its services.

In the past, members of the Parents' Committee from Phu Huu Primary School were granted permission to assess the quality of meals provided to their children on October 25th. During their inspection of the food supplier, they came across spoiled chicken meat stored in the freezer. Furthermore, in the spice storage section, they noticed several bottles of chili sauce without proper caps for protection.

Parents at Phu Huu Primary School in HCMC recently discovered spoiled chicken meat inside a freezer belonging to a company that supplies lunches to multiple schools. The incident occurred on October 25, 2023. A photo of the contaminated meat was provided to VnExpress by concerned parents.

In addition to the four schools mentioned earlier, the company also provides supplies to these educational institutions.

The food company assured that the spoiled chicken meat was properly disposed of after undergoing food processing and was not utilized in the preparation of the students' meals. Nevertheless, parents expressed their dissatisfaction, deeming it unacceptable to store spoiled meat alongside other food items in the same location.

After engaging in a discussion with parents, the leadership of Phu Huu Primary School has made the decision to terminate their contract with the food company involved. As a result, school lunches will be temporarily suspended starting from October 26th until a suitable replacement food provider is secured.

In HCMC, a food company that supplies lunches to school cafeterias recently made an alarming discovery inside one of their freezers - spoiled chicken meat.

According to Hien, four schools that have recently been affected have sought the input of parents regarding the issue. In the meantime, until a new lunch provider is secured, parents have the option to either take their children home for lunch or allow students to bring their own meals to school. Hien mentioned that approximately 4,000 students will be impacted by the temporary suspension of lunch services.

In the past, a case of food poisoning occurred among multiple students at Thanh Cong B primary school in Hanoi. It is important to note that the school itself is not directly linked to the food provider responsible for the incident. However, this unfortunate event raised awareness among parents nationwide, urging them to exercise greater caution regarding their children's food safety.

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