Teen poisons dad, grandma in southern Vietnam.

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    Oct 22, 2023

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A 14-year-old boy admitted to poisoning milk powder, intending to harm his father. Unfortunately, his grandmother unknowingly consumed the same contaminated product.


Fourteen-year-old Pham Minh Quoc was apprehended on Friday evening by law enforcement in the Mekong Delta province. This arrest came five days following the tragic demise of Pham Van Yen, aged 45, and Pham Thi Phan, aged 83.

Two funeral ceremonies are being conducted at a residence in Cai Be District, located in Tien Giang Province. The funerals are being held for a man and his mother, both of whom tragically consumed poisoned powder mixed with milk.

When Quoc was just six years old, his parents, who were originally from Tien Giang's Cai Be District, decided to separate. As a result, Quoc's mother made the difficult decision to relocate back to her parents' home, taking Quoc and his two younger siblings with her.

Quoc made the decision to leave school two years ago and instead joined his mother in working on their family farm.

Lately, he has been residing in Hoa Hung Commune alongside his father and grandmother.

Despite his best attempts to discourage his father's excessive alcohol consumption, all he ever received in response were fits of rage and profanity.

Quoc's growing resentment towards him eventually reached a point where he harbored thoughts of wanting to end his life.

Two months prior, he encountered a resident of the area and got to know him. During their conversation, he discovered that the individual possessed dog bait.

On October 13th, he procured a certain bait with the intention of eliminating troublesome canines.

On that particular evening, he clandestinely incorporated the lethal substance into the customary milk powder utilized by his father and grandmother.

The following day, Yen's lifeless body was discovered. However, his family members presumed that he had succumbed to an illness and proceeded with organizing a funeral service in his honor.

During the funeral that evening, the elderly woman's daughter kindly prepared a glass of milk for her. However, within a mere five minutes, the old woman started experiencing difficulty breathing, ultimately leading to her vomiting and tragically passing away.

Once again, the family remained clueless, assuming her demise was solely due to old age since she had recently battled the flu.

On the morning of October 15th, another son named Pham Minh Tan, aged 55, inadvertently consumed from the identical milk can as his mother. Within moments, he experienced a pounding headache, an overwhelming sensation of dizziness, and ultimately vomited.

After being urgently transported to a hospital, he remained in a critical condition for multiple days. Currently, he is receiving medical care at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and his condition has stabilized.

Following Tan's hospitalization, the police promptly arrived at the residence and confiscated all milk cans present in the house. This included the one that had been consumed by the family. Additionally, they seized various glasses from the premises. These items were subsequently forwarded to the Forensic Medicine Center located in HCMC to undergo thorough examination and testing.

Following the commencement of a police investigation into the matter, Quoc confessed to his actions.

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