Teens detained for risky motorcycle tricks.

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    Oct 25, 2023

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Youngsters in southern Tien Giang Province arrested for impersonating monks and performing risky motorbike stunts for social media.


On Tuesday, the police of Chau Thanh District apprehended three individuals, namely Doan Tran The Hao (19), Huynh Tran Tan Huy (22), and Pham Duy Tan (18). These individuals were taken into custody for further investigation related to their alleged involvement in disrupting public order.

On the evening of September 21st, at exactly 7 p.m., Hao transformed his appearance by dressing up as a monk and donning a wig. Accompanied by Tan on a motorbike, they embarked on an adventurous journey. Their destination was a specific section of National Highway 1 in Chau Thanh District. In this daring endeavor, Hao skillfully executed impressive motorbike stunts, capturing the attention of anyone who witnessed their thrilling performance. Huy, recognizing the significance of this moment, diligently recorded a captivating video of their awe-inspiring ride along a remarkable 3-kilometer stretch of road.

After editing, the group proceeded to upload the videos on Huy's Facebook account, which boasted a substantial following of approximately 32,000 individuals. However, it should be noted that these videos have since been taken down.

Youngsters arrested for daredevil motorbike stunts

On September 21, 2023, a video captured by the police unveils Doan Tran The Hao engaging in perilous stunts on a motorcycle along a specific stretch of National Highway 1 in Tien Giang.

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