Temperatures drop 5 degrees as cold air sweeps the north.

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    Oct 22, 2023

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Northern Vietnam experiences a drop in temperatures by 4-5 degrees Celsius due to the arrival of a cold front during the middle of this week.


On Thursday night, the temperature in Hanoi dropped to 20 degrees, signaling the arrival of a cold front that is anticipated to linger across the northern region for a duration of 3-4 days.

According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, the cold air mass has already reached the outskirts of mountainous regions in northern Vietnam and is expected to extend to the eastern and western parts of the area in the near future.

According to the weather forecast service AccuWeather, Hanoi is expected to experience a drop in temperatures on Saturday, ranging from 20 to 27 degrees, which is four degrees lower than Friday's temperatures. The lowest temperatures of the weekend are predicted to occur on Sunday, with a range of 20 to 26 degrees. In high-altitude areas like Lao Cai's Sa Pa, temperatures are projected to be between 13 and 20 degrees during the weekend, which is 2 to 3 degrees lower compared to the previous cold wave experienced on October 9th.

From Thursday night onwards, the northern regions of central Vietnam will experience the effects of a cold air mass. During this time, the daytime temperatures are expected to reach lows of approximately 19-22 degrees. However, as we move into next week, starting from Monday, the temperatures will gradually increase by approximately 1-2 degrees each day.

The convergence of cold air and the residual impacts from storm Sanba, now downgraded to a tropical depression, will result in the emergence of forceful winds and turbulent seas within the Gulf of Tonkin.

Over the upcoming month, there will be a higher frequency of cold air masses exerting their influence. Nevertheless, Vietnam is projected to experience average temperatures that are 0.5-1 degree higher compared to previous years.

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