Three police officers in Hanoi were arrested for murdering and theft of goats belonging to a civilian.

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    Jun 29, 2023

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Hanoi police arrest 3 officers, fire them for shooting and stealing family's goats for meat.


On the previous Monday, Nguyen Van Nhan, Bui Dinh Viet, and Bui Tien Tung embarked on a journey to a scenic mountainous region located in An Phu Commune, within the enchanting My Dinh District. Armed with a hunting rifle, their purpose was to engage in the pursuit of avian game.

While perched on a hillside, a pair of goats were spotted freely wandering. Regrettably, the individuals proceeded to fatally shoot the goats and subsequently transported them within their vehicle.

As they were preparing to depart the vicinity and arrived at Ai Nang Bridge, locals intercepted them, politely requesting an explanation.

An investigation is currently underway as officers allege that the goats were shot "unintentionally."

On Tuesday, senior police officials and other authorities made a visit to the family who owned the goats, urging them to appease their concerns and offering a sincere apology for the unfortunate incident.

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