Tragic: Father and baby die in family 'exorcism' ritual.

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    Nov 4, 2023

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Two individuals, a man and his infant son, tragically perished in Tay Ninh Province during an alleged exorcism. They were mercilessly beaten and coerced into consuming burning incense.


On Thursday, the authorities in Tay Ninh took into custody Mai Thi Nho, aged 50, and her sister Mai Thi Tuyen, aged 43, for the purpose of launching an investigation into a murder case.

According to officials, Nho started exhibiting signs of delusions on October 23rd. She claimed that her deceased father had taken control of her and believed that her brother along with his two-year-old son were under some sort of bewitchment.

In a bid to seek spiritual solace, Nho called upon 22 of her relatives under the guidance and authority of her father. The gathering took place at her mother's residence in Trang Bang Town with the intention of conducting an "exorcism."

Nho and her sister Tuyen gathered together, closing the doors behind them as they lit incense. In a solemn manner, they requested everyone to kneel before proceeding with their ritual. Engrossed in their "exorcism," Nho and Tuyen claimed that they witnessed the manifestation of malevolent spirits. Urging everyone to shield themselves by covering with sheets and lying down on the floor, they sought protection from these supernatural forces.

Nho proceeded to explain that a total of six individuals had fallen under the influence of malevolent entities, leading to their unfortunate possession. Consequently, it became necessary to carry out exorcisms in order to liberate them from the clutches of these demonic forces.

Under her coercion, they were compelled to consume alcohol, oranges, and burning incense amidst enduring physical blows to their faces and chests. Engaging in a disturbing spectacle, Tuyen proceeded to dance, wielding knives and slashing various objects within the confines of their home. Nho imposed strict restrictions on the family, preventing them from venturing outdoors, citing fears of re-possession as the consequence.

The following day at 10 a.m., the commotion was still ongoing.

Nho recounted an unsettling experience where she believed that her brother and his young son were once again under the influence of malevolent spirits. As a result, they felt compelled to restrain both individuals in order to proceed with the ongoing exorcism ritual.

After the father and son's desperate pleas for assistance fell on deaf ears, authorities revealed that Nho and Tuyen persisted in their actions until the victims tragically lost their lives. Following this distressing incident, family members frantically rushed out of the premises and promptly notified law enforcement about the situation. Subsequently, Nho and Tuyen were apprehended by the authorities.

There is an ongoing investigation being conducted.

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