Transport company suspends operations after fatal accident investigation.

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    Oct 31, 2023

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Thanh Buoi transport company suspends passenger service due to ongoing investigation into a fatal accident.


The company has announced the suspension of its passenger-carrier service on the HCMC-Da Lat, HCMC-Can Tho, and Da Lat-Can Tho routes, effective from 5 a.m. Sunday until further notice. However, their goods transporting service will continue to operate as usual. Customers who have purchased tickets for these routes will be refunded by the company.

According to VnExpress journalists, the offices of Thanh Buoi in Districts 5 and Binh Thanh in HCMC were functioning normally on Sunday morning. Nonetheless, there was a notable decline in the number of visitors paying a visit.

The photo was taken on October 29, 2023, at Thanh Buoi's transport services office located in District 5 of HCMC. The image was captured by VnExpress photographer Gia Minh.

Thanh Buoi, a prominent transport service provider, was founded in the year 2000. With over 1,300 dedicated employees, it has emerged as a leading player in the transportation industry in southern Vietnam. Thanh Buoi caters to a substantial number of passengers in key regions such as HCMC, Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, and Da Lat in the Central Highlands.

Following a fatal traffic accident last month that claimed the lives of five individuals, the company faced an extensive investigation initiated by local authorities.

Further investigations uncovered that the driver had his driving license revoked prior to the accident, while Thanh Buoi was found to have numerous violations in its service operations and safety protocols.

On October 26, the company reported that its documents were seized and its host network was raided by investigators during an inspection.

According to a spokesperson from Mien Tay Bus Station, a prominent bus terminal in Ho Chi Minh City, the recent suspension of Thanh Buoi's service will have minimal impact on the station's operations. They reassured passengers that despite this suspension, there are numerous alternative bus options available for their convenience.

Local authorities have recently taken steps to address the diverse requirements of travelers, as per their latest announcement.

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